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just wanted to say hey!!


Back on the diet train...
hey all,

just wanted to see how everyones doing?? :)

ive had a few rubbish days, not with the diet but with stuff at home and work. since starting the diet ive not really hit any major emotional hurdles as such but boy did i last week. :(

then to make it worst all the feelings of turning to food came back, it was so hard to say no i wanted to raid the kitchen so bad but i didnt, i cleaned instead!! :p:D

im also getting so bored of drinking liquids, dont get me wrong i dont want to quit, i think ive just hit a slump. hopefully weigh in tomorrow will knock me out of it. :)

anyway hope everyones had a good week. :D

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im in week 4 of my journey and ive noticed this week is a bit difficult..

ive been dreaming of food... steak in particualar.. i was convinced when i woke up id eaten it.. and thats the first wierd food dream ive had....

but im reading the refeed diaries to give me something to look forwards to.. i dont know if thats a good idea though coz its making me think of food.. and ive still another 8 weeks to go before i refeed.

still ive managed to resisit even on saturday with the OH and kids sitting in macdonalds in the restaurant and me sipping my water...

yea im having a tough week this week. but hopefully i will stay strong.

you to.. keep strong.. keep moving on...

ooh and im trying to excercise more when i feel like food.. and i find rinsing my mouth in listerine carves my hunger pangs for some strange reason....cept im going through quite a lot of listerine... lol...


Here we go again!
Started week 8 and all is well. I haven't had any major hiccups at all so far, don't want to eat but do want this weight gone and quick.

I think I have about another 8-10 weeks left on here then hopefully off to refeed and maintenance. OK about eating again, but will have to be careful this time.

Hope everyone's OK and enjoying the sunshine, I will be once I finish work at 4.

(PS I can't open my ticker at all to change my weight, any ideas anyone?)
Hi hun, glad you are OK.
I've been feeling a bit bored too, don't want to quit but had loads of yummy new stock delivered last week and my mouth was watering! Don't really mind not eating and really don't feel hungry, but just miss chewing anything.
Mentioned this to DH the other day, and he came up with a solution :eek: but not that desperate yet!
I'm trying to alternate between still and sparkling water to give the taste buds a bit of a work out, and having lots of tea ice lollies.
Funny how much I'm enjoying the shakes - at least they taste of something!
Hope this week is better for you :D
@MiniB did you try going into the website itself without clicking on your ticker? the URL may be a bit off on your ticker or (stupid question Im sorry) did you try accessing the ticker when you were updating your signature?

Glad you're feeling a bit brighter today, well done on resisting temptation you should be so proud of yourself hun!!! Best of luck with your weigh in tomorrow xxx

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