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Just Wondering ..........

Some people say they are fat because of their glands or genes etc, some people are fat because of their past, do you think you were fat, because of a reason or do you think its was just your genetic make up?

Sorry if it feels like I being nosey, I just know what I think is/was my main problem as there is more than one and was wondering what all of your opinions were !
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Im fat cos i ate like a pig an didn no when to stop.. i was lazy and never excercised, and my whole life was a unhleahty mess xxx
mine was just plane greedy! Instead of stopping when i was full i would continue to eat till it had all gone or i was physically sick, what ever came first. Not after LT tho it is all going to be controlled.


I will be skinny again!!!
Hmmm... See I kinda took after my auntie Joanne ( she is extremely big about 30+ stone) and everyone said that It was just cus I was like her or it was just puppy fat...

But then I lost loads of weight... So i seen that I didnt have to be fat and it wasnt in my genes...

Then I was pretty much the same as lauren... greedy and no exercise, and It didnt help that I would think I was fat starve myself for a week... then start eating **** again (starvation mode stored the fat and then when i ate fatty foods put more on )

So Im using LT to get rid of the fat and hopefully kick start a healthier life style!!

How about you ?? xx
mine was just plane greedy! Instead of stopping when i was full i would continue to eat till it had all gone or i was physically sick, what ever came first. Not after LT tho it is all going to be controlled.
Charlene, I had a look at your photos earlier, I am stunned! You look like a very different, happier person!
I think i eat when im sad, happy, angry, upset,contented. But i also eat too much because im greedy, doing this for four days has made me appreciate food more( or i will when i start eating again).
oh thank you Laura, thats real sweet.
im fat just because im greedy and love all the wrong food, although my mum has an overactive thyroid and finds it difficult to loose weight she thinks i might be too but i wont know untill i go for a blood test
See I see where you are all coming from, but for me there has been an underlaying reason, I just want someone to say I am normal LOL!

Apart from having a family who are 'big boned'....................

I was in a VERY VERY bad relationship from I was 16, I was in that relationship for almost 5 years, I thought that that was the way that life would be, I used to eat thinking that if I ate and was fat and gross that he would in turn find me ugly and leave me alone, this was not the case. He had a mighty hold on me and its only now that I can see the damage he caused to me in every way. I am a better person for it though.

I am now in a relationship, which is extraordinary, its the best thing in the world, he is the most loving man, we talk about everything, we are constantly laughing, we share everything, he is my world, my rock. Being with him has given me the courage to be me again, I have been with him 2 1/2 years and now I am healing, hence the LT. I am the happiest person that I know lol

Sorry for going on.

I just wondered if anyone else was in the same boat.
Shivers are not required lol its all in the past, its history :D


I will be skinny again!!!
Nope I cant say I have been in a bad relationship like that!!

I know what you mean about the big boned thing!

Im tall and broad etc and have been told im big boned...
When i was in the car accident I had to go to a specialist to get examined and was described in his report as " a young woman of large frame " Its kind of annoying because I hate it but cant change it!!!

We jsut have to get used to the person we are and try and love ourselves :)
Yeah i get where your coming from Laura, ive been in a few horrible relationships, and sometimes if your not happy in the relationships you seek comfort from elsewhere, for me its food, as i said when i first joined this forum, my ex put a post on facebook ( i had to get it removed)about me being fat and ugly, and at the same time some friends of mine had fallen out with a friend and she called me fat too. Now normally i would have stuck to fingers up to them both, but this time it really hurt me, hence me being on the Lipotrim diet now, and yes i am doing it for me, but a part of being motivated to do it, is to say to my ex and my ex friends up yours i can do it !! There is a book around called Fat is a feminist issue by Susie Orbach which looks at how fat is not about food, but rather about protection, sex,mothering,strength, assetion, anger, love etc. I can lend it to you if you like ?
for me its quite a few issues!

1) i was born with a cleft palate and have difficulty feeding and eating as a baby. My mum spent a lot of time encouraging me to eat! Therefore clearing your plate was positive not negative.

2) I was a very very thin child that was bullied for being thin - yet i ate almost as much food at dinner as an adult. When i was 9 i had the same outfit on as a chubby girl and all the kids said she looked better than me!

3) I love food - all kinds...love love it. Have always had a giant appetite

4) I am a comfort eater

5) As i approached adulthood i was in a crap relationship - and having been a thin teenager i didn't realise that eating junk makes you fat! (honestly!) The minute i stopped growing up i started growing out!

6) i am a kate winslet - yoyo dieter! LOL My weight never stabilises because i love junk food too much!
Laura, I'm so glad to hear you moved on from that and now have the relationship you deserve. I think I'm fat because I eat like a pig. Everything is a treat, and I eat like it will suddenly go away and it's my last chance to eat it ever. If I open a packet I finish it. I find it hard to remember the shops will still be full of food tomorrow. My mother was abusive and used food as one of many weapons, she'd delight in doing things like ensuring the only meal available contained something I was allergic to (I'm only allergic to a couple of things but I'm violently allergic to them). or making the food otherwise inedible. Consequently I was a desperately underweight child with huge issues about food and once I was in control of my own life with my own money I lost the plot and ate like a glutton. But that's the past, I've come to terms with that lost relationship but it has left some scars on my character and habits and I'm working on fixing them.
Re a fat gene - well all my mum's family are very fat, all my dad's family are very slim. In most ways I resemble my late father so hopefully I can lose weight too.


Here we go again!
Women on my dad's side of the family are all short and round. I have to fight that gene but the reason I am this size is pure laziness and greed!

I was in a bad marriage from 18 years old, just not a nice man and we grew apart. Mentally I was bullied and very low and couldn't get out of it.

I'm now with the man of my dreams who treats me so well I could never have imagined! With his support I am now losing the weight and trying to resolve my problems with food. Can't wait to finish this diet and get back to "normal" eating, not comfort eating or pigging out.


One last chance
I'm fat because I was born big and as a child I was spoilt by my parents to let me eat whatever I wanted, and most of that was sweets and fast food.

On my dads side, they are all fat except for the new younger lot who are around my age. My dad was a chubby kid but the weight fell off. My mum was a twig. She weighed about 6 stone when she was with my dad. However all her sisters were all fat but her brothers were slim. My sisters were both slim then ballooned.

For me, I gained weight, then lost a bit, then gained again, then gained more and then lost again etc.
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Totally understand Laura. I started putting on weight when i went to uni and sat on my ass retired from competing my horse and got my driving license so started driving everywhere. My ex then said i was fat when i put on less than half a stone he was really controlling and i felt my weight was the one thing he could not control so i piled on 2 stone! We split at last and i moved 300 miles away and lost some weight. I then met the man of my dreams and moved in together i then got content and put on another 2 stone!

I know im also greedy, a real foody and hate exercise which doesnt help! And maybe im using relationships as an excuse but when u take a step back ur emotional status has such a huge influence!

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