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Kellogs fibre bars and excessive wind

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I've not had that problem yet, but was reading the box the other day and it does say that could happen until your body adjusts to them. Soo yummy though!!


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i am always 'windy' but blame my diet coke intake....perhaps the KFP bars are to blame instead!!


Here is to a windy weekend then ;) x

Mrs V

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Lol..Ive never tried them, but as my Hubby calls me a gas bag anyway, I dont think they would make that much difference! :)


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I suffered from the same too - I also get quite windypops on Alpen Lights!
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Fibre Plus bars and Alpen Lights give me mega wind too! But they are yummy so well worth it, although my husband may not agree with that!


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Yes, I had the same windy problem, OH didn't mind as he was nights, but the poor dog decided she would rather sleep in her own bed for a change:rolleyes: Says something when you offend the dog with your farts, tis usually the other way around!


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sorry but had a giggle 'wish'

my hubby complains that i am full of wind and that i now fart more than him and to stick a cork in it!

may give these a try to really annoy him! lol

laura x


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i never thought it was because of the fibre plus bars but thinking about it over the last two weeks i have had to drink more peppermint tea ad rather windy and painful, (and oops even my deaf father commented on my loud parp yesterday)


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i agree....alpen lights are amaaaazing, but they don't half give me gas


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just saw a new advert with about 100 women eating these and Angela Griffin saying how great they are blah blah blah....can you imagine the room after they have all eaten those bars for the advert.....

phew! x


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I managed to find them in my asda for the £1 price at... wait for it...1:45am on Sat morning as they were stocking up! They're always sold out, so I went ahead and bought 4 packs! :)

Sainsbury's sell them too, but not on offer. :(


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Thanks Shrimpy :D OH found me some today in Tesco he nearly had a fit at the price, :rolleyes: told him to shaddup. Him and the kids get to scoff all the naughty stuff in the house so it wont hurt for me to have these. Had my option B today so will have to wait till tomorrow to try them now! Nummy!

Will definitely get back to Asda early one morning for a search then ;)


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No probs Whoopidoo

They are a tad expensive unless on offer though!

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