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Ketosis - help

People on here always say dont worry too much about ketostix, altho I do-Im trying to stop using them. Could be anything to make them show up negative. Diluted ketones etc.
How were your weigh ins? Because you should go by them and not the sticks.xxx try not to worry xxx
Thanks Piella, wished i'd never bought the ketur stix because i seem to have become obsessed with them.
My first week I lost 7lb and lost 5lb in the second week.
For the first 10 days the keturstix actually turned pink but now seem to have stopped. I haven't done anything different so has got me baffled.
AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!!! I hate those things with a passion (ask Piella!!!)!!!! Throw them away they're a waste of money! Why do you need to pee on a stick (and potentially you're own hand!:jelous:) just to find out if you are losing weigh when you already know you are????:confused:
Do a search on ketostix on here and you'll be amazed at the amount of people that have got totally caught up with the things for no reason. When I become a CDC I will never mention these things to my clients as they are a waste of their money when they are already spending a huge amount of money on the diet already!

P.S I'm not having a go at you I'm just ranting about ketostix hun!;)
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Never bothered using the sticks. Cost enough just buying the CD soups and shakes and decided that if i behaved myself and only did CD, my body had no choice but to go into the 'Big K'.
It is pale later in the day because all the water you are drinking dilutes the ketones in your pee, so they don't register. You aren't doing anything wrong. If you are doing 100% then you will be in ketosis. If you aren't hungry then you know, don't need to pee on a stick, which isn't easy I know!


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Yes, not everyone goes 'pink' on the stix. I never did. Ketosis happens in the blood. It only shows in the urine if there is an overflow of ketones.

Stick to the diet and you're in ketosis :)
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I had them to check and was always very dark in the morning , but nothing in the evening, look at my losses def not needed!! But have been good for me this week as not on cd but managed to get myslef into Ketotis still yeah!

I think they can be a good thing, just not everyday