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Ketosis in record time?

What's the fastest anyone has gone into ketosis?

I'm only on day one. Haven't eaten since about 7pm last night, had two shakes and a couple of litres of water...

...and I've just got the crashing headache that was the unmistakeable sign of ketosis last time.

Surely not. I wish, but surely not...?
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hey zanya,

everyones different but i think it has to use up the fat stores around your (liver) i think its liver dnt quote me on that lol, before it moves in to ketosis however if you had very little there then its possible.

I started yesterday and had a bad headache and bad breath this dinner time. I've just done a ketosis test and its showing im in it!:party0011:so thats only 28 hours ish. Im also have the flavouring in my water.
Yes you could be in ketosis :)


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Hi Zayna, headaches might also be a sign of carbohydrate withdrawal or of dehydration. Ketosis should come soon for you though!
Hi Zayna, headaches might also be a sign of carbohydrate withdrawal or of dehydration. Ketosis should come soon for you though!
It isn't dehydration, the first thing I did when I got to work this morning was fill my 2 litre bottle, and I'm almost through it, and I've had 3 black coffees and 2 shakes. Peeing like a racehorse! :8855:

I did get to 10st which is the lightest I've been for years, and I was only really aiming for 10st 7, so I'm not carrying lots of fat, just me Christmas Cushion :D

It's not piled on my backside or arms and legs, you wouldn't think I'd put any weight on at all to look at me, but you can grab a handful at the front, if you know what I mean. :eek:
P.S my best mate has been doing the diet for 5 days and her ketosis stick is only just changing colour. Her scales are showng shes lost 3lbs. Shes had the symptoms but it just shows everyone is different.
I'm also FREEEEEEZING cold. Now, I know it IS cold, but no.... I'm proper cold.

hey..wot is the cold got to do with ketosis..im only asking coz im reli cold aswell and i av no idea why...if im cold duz that mean im in ketosis?


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I think a lot of the cold has to do with the small amount of calories you're consuming; the body is conserving its energy to keep all the important bits running well, at least for the first few days. When you are in full ketosis the cold should ease a bit as your body's homeostasis mechanisms have adjusted to your new regime and are using all the fat supply to make up for the low calorie intake. I last did LT in summer; I suspect I will feel a tad colder this time round
thanx 4 dat info..im on day 5..n im finding it soo hard!!...i dont kno how longer i can keep it up.
I have never felt the cold before i'm usually really warm but since starting lipotrim i've been really really cold, fingers and nose
keep it up you are almost at your first weigh in and that should motivate you!
im sitting in the living room n me mums making kebabs...as they have no carbs in dem...can i av one?? lol..im finding it tooo hard...id rather be doing ww n eaten ryte now lol
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No, you can't have one.

^ I don't mean that statement to sound harsh BTW, I just know if it were me asking, that's the answer I'd be looking for :p

Keep it up, you're almost at the end of the first week which is the hardest, this time next week you won't care if someone is making food :)
lol...i avnt...not yet...soo harrddd to resist tho...thnx 4 d support
hi all i'm two days in, feel ok. just had to dish up familys dinner so i've passed that test too. feel positive today, though i must admit i am hungry. first time i've done this diet so time will tell.
ooh, at the end of day 2/on the edge of day 3, you are just hitting the borderline time for going into Ketosis, so ride out the hunger, chances are by the end of tomorrow you won't feel it any more! :)
awww.well dun..first 2 days werent bad for me either..u stay strong..but i thought it was spose to get easier not harder..lol..ges i need more time...

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