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ketosis... like never before BUT......

Morning all.
Ive been SS for 3 weeks and every morning I do my "pee stick" thingy just to check my ketosis little friend is still with me:innocent0001: Its always been in the middle-ish and have been feeling really good. BUT, last night my family ordered take out and i had some duck, no skin or other yummies, just a little duck (pats own back) and this morning, same as all the other mornings did the "pee stick" thingy only to find it to be deep purple, the furthest colour on the stick...
So, what does this mean? By eating a little it has put me deeper into ketosis?

Dont know if im having another blonde moment, i hope some 1 can shine a little light on this matter.

Many thanks x
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im not sure about this but maybe its if the duck had some kinda sugary sauce or coating. i only know a bit about ketosis from years ago wheni did atkins but obviously sugar = carbs so it could be that??? x
Im drinking as I type. Thankyou for the help. x
It's probably the extra fat in the duck (very fatty) which the body is now expelling. Ketosis is just the body using the fat store instead of glycogen. Therefore if it's not dehydration it's extra fat slipping out. In any case nothing it's all good. Just keep glugging the water.
no more duck for me then. thanks again for all your replies ;-) x
You really do need to drink ALOT more. Purple isn't good! You should be in the first 2 ideally. (pinks!)
Have been a good girl and had nothing but shakes and water and this mornings pee stick was pink :) Lost 2.5lb this week (totm) so pleased-ish with that, just need to keep an eye on the over all weight lost to keep me happy.

Again, thanks so much for ur replies girls. Hope we all have a good week x
im drinking, soon im sure im gonna drown lol x

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