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Ketosis stix??

any chemist should do them..they're about a fiver. :)


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Think I'll have to go and hunt for some tomorrow. Stupid question but where abouts in the shop are they? I wouldn't have a clue which aisle to look at first!
theyre behind the counter... i was looking all over for them coz i thought no1 would know what i was on about... but theyre at the dispensery bit :)


Addicted to Minimins!
Oooh cheers hun. I probably would have spent half an hour looking for them!!
BTW Rayven, they are called Ketostix...we don't want to confuse the girl behind the counter (which I did!!!)


Addicted to Minimins!
Cheers Amanda. I probably would have confused myself let alone the girl behond the counter!!
The only thing I'd say ab out Boots is be prepared for the person behind the counter questioning what they're for. Boots don't agree with VLCDs and SOME branches can get a bit shirty.

I'm a diabetic so I just say they're for that (annoys me to have to explain and justify it though) so you can either say that if they ask or be ready to stand your corner. Alternatively, try a smaller chemist.

Like I said, it bugs me that they even ask ... they don't ask someone buying paracetamol whether they're for a hang-over - in which case they won't sell them as they don't condone excessive drinking. PAHHH!
Oh how rude of Boots - I thought the idea of a shop was to sell things and court was where cross examination took place...I have clearly been going to work in the wrong place all these years ;)

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