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Hi all justa quick one, i have asked this before but am still really worried. i have been ss'ing for 3weeks now and in my 2nd week i bought some ketostix, when i used them at first they were allways dark purple and i was advised to drink more which took the colour down a few shades. i have now uped my water intake but the dark purple has returned darker than ever, not sure why! could anyone help on this matter? thanks all x x x
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My CDC told me to test my second wee of the day as your first is to concentrated. Also not to test after having a shake or soup etc as that can make a difference.
The darker shades mean you're a bit dehydrated - esp first thing in the morning as you've not been drinking water all night (!).

A shake or soup can temporarily knock you out of ketosis because of the low amount of carbs they contain - but you soon get back into it.

Honestly, though - if you've stuck to the diet 100% and don't feel hungry, then you're more than likely to be in ketosis and stay there, so I don't bother testing after the first stick goes pink.


i tested the 3rd wee? so does the dark purple mean im not in ketosis? i havent had anything today apart from 3 pints ofwater? im confused
can anyone help?
YM,I agree with isobel, once youre in ketosis dont worry too much. I got a bit obsessed with testing in the beginning. I varied as well from deep pink to light so I gave up and TBH chucked them in the bin!!.As long as you are sticking to Cd you'll be fine,

Nikki x


I believe that as long as it's in the pink, you are in ketosis, the dark one still means you are in ketosis but probably need to drink more - it's only if it's at the other end (e.g. no colour) that you are not in ketosis


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whereanyou get these ketostiks from?


cambridge counsellor
oops:p sorry i ment where can you get ketostiks from
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Any chemist sells them dinkymonkey? Handy to have


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I was just wondering if the stix are darker because in your other post you said you're not having the foodpacks - I don't know what others think? But I understand there is a basic level of carb in the packs which we need to maintain health, and if you aren't having that, ketosis would be stronger, I guess.

I am just guessing, so maybe a CDC can advise.

As I recall the darker stix are not the best sign - we should aim for lighter stix.

HTH. Good luck
ok thanks forthat i havent checked today but am starting aam asfrom tomorrow as i cant stand no more of the packs but i will force them doen, i have also uped my target

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