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I kinda knew what this meant but not 100% so did an internet search to try to get some more info & found a very good definition, can't seem to paste it here for some reason but the jist of it was that too many keytones can cause your blood to become too acidic leading to kidney & liver damage...:eek:

... anyone know if this is true or have any more information about this:confused:

This is how I understand it.

The ketosis on a vlcd is called Benign Diet ketosis and this term was coined by Atkins as a way for those to understand the difference between dietary ketosis and not to be confused with diabetic ketocidosis.

The mild dietary ketosis experienced on a very low calorie diet like Lipotrim, Cambridge Diet, Lighter Life, Howard's Way and the Atkins induction phase of the diet. The mild ketosis produced by these diets provides the advantage for dieters as it reduces hunger and a feeling of well-being is often experienced.

Ketones can be detected in the urine of dieters and on their breath and provides encouragement that the body fat is being burned. Ketones on the breath is only temporary and is reduce by adequate water intake and rising your mouth with Oraldene or Listerine along with a tongue scraper really does help.

The body when not dieting, uses mostly sugar for energy rather than fat. The sugar content of the diet is kept deliberately low so that the body's own sugar stores get used up quickly..(glycogen stores) Fat then becomes the major source of energy for the body.

Water is crucial on a vlcd diet as you have to replace the water you normally get from your food and therefore you must purposefully Dirk water.

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:) hi yes this is can be true if you have certain medical conditions one which my son has, he burns keytones all the time and this has caused both liver and kidney damage.:(
You might be confusing ketosis with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) which is a potentially dangerous condition affecting primarily untreated (or poorly controlled) type 1 diabetics.

I posted about this on another thread - the upshot is that the ketosis induced on a VLCD isn't the same as DKA so no need to worry unduly. I'm a type 2 diabetic and my condition has improved dramatically whilst I've been on CD. So much so that I no longer need meds and have 'normal' blood sugar levels :)

The definition of ketosis on Wikipaedea (sp?) is a good one and will clear up any confusion.