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    I understand how weight loss through ketosis works, but as I am unable to follow SS (makes me want to eat constantly!) I am on the 810 plan and am very rarely in ketosis.

    I have still lost a lot of weight (6 stone 4, over 5 months) and am wondering if being in ketosis is all that important.
    I really don't mean to offend anyone, but I see so many posts about people becoming disheartened because they have eaten something that made them come out of ketosis. I would appreciate if anyone can help me to understand the weightloss process of someone who isn't in ketosis.

    I would also just like to be an advocate for being on a higher plan, I find having a meal each day stops me wanted to pick at food or 'cheat' like we hear so often, and my weight loss has been so much better than I ever expected. Obviously I can't speak for anyone else or how their body might react to being in a different plan, but for anyone who is finding SS-ing difficult I would certainly suggest thinking about moving to 810.

    Dee x
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    Not really what you're asking but i personally dont check for ketosis. I dont see the point tbh. If i stick to the diet i assume that i will be, whether that is the case or not i wont know for sure as i've never tested beyond the 1st week. IF on the one occasion i did eat food, again i didnt see the point in testing. Chances are i was not in Ketosis. Thats the way it works and i dont see that knowing one way or the other will make any difference, except maybe to my detriment, possibly on 2 levels. Eat - confirm out of Ketosis - feel even more crap & despondent. Conversely, eat - confirm still in Ketosis - think whoopeee, licence to do it again.

    Maybe i just like living in a world where ignorance is bliss lol. All i know is this diet is working for me, i'm sticking to it and therefore trusting that i am likely to be in Ketosis. Confirming that this is or isnt the case wont change the fact the diet is still doing its job.

    Huge well done on your fantastic losses btw :D
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    Ketosis is a process in which your body converts fats into energy. During the conversion, ketones are produced as a by-product. Ketones can give your breath a sweet, fruity smell that may be mistaken for alcohol.
    Your body normally uses glucose to meet its energy needs. Glucose comes from the carbohydrate in your diet. A healthy, balanced diet should provide you with all the glucose your body needs, so that ketosis does not take place. However, if your body does not have enough glucose, perhaps because your diet is very low in carbohydrates or you are starving yourself, it will begin ketosis to obtain energy from its stored fats instead. As a result of this, the ketone levels in your blood will rise.high protein-low carbohydrate diets - known as ketogenic diets - are intended to work by forcing your body to begin ketosis to burn fats and create quick weight loss, also a good side effect of ketosis is the non feeling of hunger many people experience.

    There are approximately 3500 calories in a pound of stored body fat. So, if you create a 3500-calorie deficit through diet, exercise or a combination of both, you will lose one pound of body weight. If you create a 7000 calorie deficit you will lose two pounds and so on. The calorie deficit can be achieved either by calorie-restriction alone, or by a combination of fewer calories in (diet) and more calories out (exercise). This combination of diet and exercise is best for lasting weight loss.

    In order to answer the question, " How does your body burn fat ? " it is
    important to look at the three primary sources of calories. These
    sources are carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Except for water, protein is
    the most plentiful substance in your body. It is the major building
    material for the body. Because protein is so important in building and
    repairing your body, it is not used by the body for energy when enough
    carbohydrates and fats are present.
    Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for you body. They provide us
    with immediate energy by combining with the oxygen in our blood.
    Fats are the concentrated energy source of the body. They have over two
    times the calories per gram of carbohydrates or proteins. In order for our
    body to burn fat we need to eat the proper diet.
    A diet that will enable our body to burn fat needs to restrict
    carbohydrates. The popular low carbohydrate diets are based on this
    fact. If the body has no carbohydrates to burn, it next burns body fat.
    . Make sure you are still getting the
    proper nutrients with any diet that restricts carbohydrates.

    At the end of the day if you eat less calories than your body needs you will lose weight , For some that prefer quicker weightloss they go on SS or ssplus and 810 (higher deficite of calories = quicker weightloss) , others a higher plan works for them but takes slightly longer to get to goal weight.

    cdc norwich
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    ; goodluc
  6. Laura Croft

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    Healthy eating, was CD
    I'm doing 810 as well and asked this question the other day.

    When there is an energy deficit (as there obviously is on 810) but are not in ketosis you burn fat and a little bit of muscle but mostly fat. While our BMI is still quite high, the high levels of protein of 810 and the vitamins and minerals help to prevent the apparent 'starvation' mode and loss of muscle.

    I was really surprised at how similar the losses can be on 810 to SS/SS+. I'm only on day six so I just hope I have the same losses :)
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