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Stinky breath, bad BO and smelly pee. It depends on the individual though LBD. It took me about 4 days or so to get into true Ketosis I think. It was all so long ago. ;)
I am lucky as I don't get those symptoms Jim described, and even the urine sticks test negative or trace although I know I am in ketosis purely and simply because I would be climbing the walls with hunger if i were not in ketosis. It does vary between people usually but you will certainly get far less hungry in ketosis. Make sure you drink plenty though as that can help with the more unpleasant side effects of a ketogenic diet.
i tend to get less hungry, more energy and can drink loads of water without peeing every 10 mins when i am in ketosis.
Unfortunately it takes me about 3 really hard days before i reach ketosis, hunger pangs, headaches and spots, oh and really grumpy. But i know i'm getting there when all those symptoms arrive.


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You mention BO is a symptom?
It was for me Aaron, I had all the symptoms unfortunately. Only lasted a couple of months though, frequent showering, brushing of teeth etc helped, that plus drinking loads of water. I suspect in the beginning when I was in very deep ketosis I wasn't drinking anywhere near enough water mate.


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You mention BO is a symptom?
Goodness - that makes total sense! :eek:
Despite daily showers and using my normal deo, I have been somewhat more 'fragrant' since starting LL and getting into ketosis! I thought it was just me!!! :D:D
Thanks for clearing that one up for me!!

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