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Ketostix help


bye bye belly
Ive done a stick this morning just to see what it was and its gone deep purple, the highest colour I can get. Ive binned the outter box and leaflet :eek: so cant tell what it means, can anyone tell me?

Im convinced its dangerous and have had 2ltrs of water already!! Will more water help? Does it need flushing out?

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mine is usually level 4 out of 5 but having checked the leaflet again for you i can't see what it 'should' be!
as long as you are feeling ok i wouldnt worry xx
So what colour is the safe colour then?
Ive just started with the stixs and im on the 3rd colour in what says + But that means nothing to me........lol, just that its changed 2 colours in 2 days so it muct be a good sign?


goingtobeslim x
i just read another post on here about ketosis and a girl posted you should be worried if it reads +++., think that 1 is the darkest but not quite sure, you will have to check fizzstar to be on the safe side so don't really know what it means maybe you could ring lipotrim up? :)


bye bye belly
No idea, ive drank 4.5lts so far, plus 600ml in a shake - just having 2nd shake with another 600ml in. And im out dog training tonight so will have atleast another litre before I kick the shoes off an go to bed, but my stix have gone down a colour every pee pee time (been about 5 times today) and theyre going down and down. Im currently at, and stayed at, the 3rd colour - not the peachy ones just a dark peach/turning purple :) I will ask if thats a dangerous level though when I next go, I think its because yesterday I had about a litre of water, 1 brew, and my 3 shakes. So I didnt have enough!
The darkest means your a little dehydrated my chemist told me. You are supposed to stay in the next one or 2 down from the darkest x


Sensibly losing :)
hey hun!
Just to warn you that sticks can read wrong and should not be taken too seriously... whats normal for one person is not normal for the next. As long as you have been careful to remain in ketosis and have been drinking 2l of water then you are doing fine. STOP drinking for today as if you drink that much is can actually be rather dangerous. They say 4l is the maximum ANYONE should ever drink and that would be inclusive of your shakes. There is a medical conditon where you can actually 'drown' thru excessive water intake. take care xx

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