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Kezza's refeed diary

Hello peeps,

Can't quite believe I can eat food now lol. Not as excited as I was which is strange but I am sure that will change.

I am going to do the whole calorie counting thing so I can keep an eye on what I am eating and make sure it is all in moderation.
I have bought 3 calorie counting books so hopefully I should be ok.

So here is my planned dinner for tonight. Hope this is ok.

Day 1

B - Shake (142 cals)

L - Shake (142 cals)

D - Chicken breast with chinese 5 spice (140 cals)
30g Lettuce (3.75 cals)
23g Cucumber (2 cals)
10g onion (3 cals)
1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar (5 cals)

1 tea
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Sounds yum!
Welcome to refeed :)
You will be FINE!!! I can't believe that I close my eyes in utter bliss when I am chomping my salad...!!!!! Any probs, you have my number!
Excellent. Thank you girls!


One last chance
The first meal is always amazing! scary, but amazing. Enjoy it Kezza, you deserve it :D


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enjoy your first meal kezza :)


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Welcome to refeed, getting more and more of us on here every day which is awesomeness!!!

Enjoy your food, and believe me, it never tasted so good.


One last chance
LOL I've infected you with that word Mary, it's addictive innit? LMAO
OH MY GOSH! The salad was AMAZING. The chicken was ok but really enjoyed the salad :)
Day 2

B - Shake (142 cals)

L - Tuna drained (140 cals)
Salad same as day 1 (11 cals)
Balsamic Vinegar (5 cals)

D - Going out for a meal tonight to a Brewers fayre so shall just order either a chicken salad which no dressing or plain chicken with veg. Oh the possibilities lol.

Can I have a diet coke with my meal?
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Hey Guys,

Haven't been on here for a while but haven't been too naughty either and lost 1lb :D so I am dead chuffed.
On second day of refeed I went out for a meal with friends and ordered a chicken salad with no dressing only to be told there was no chicken only salmon. So had salmon too early :(

Had a 25th anniversary party to go to on Saturday night and forgot to take my maintenance bar to eat so had to eat tuna sandwich (brown bread) but it had spread and mayo :(. Thought there may of been meat like chicken or something but there was none! Just naughty pastry stuff.

Then on sunday I had a really good late lunch as I was going to girls aloud concert and was being good but was not aware that we were eating out :cry:. So just got a chicken fillet wrap and only ate half.

But I have been weighing everything and hope next week will be better for me.

So heres my menu so far.

Day 2 (Thursday)

B – Shake – 142 cals

L – 140g drained tuna - 140 cals
Salad as above – 11 cals
Balsamic vinegar – 5 cals

D – Salmon salad.

Day 3 (Friday) - picnic

B – Missed

L – 45g drained tuna - 42 cals
Lettuce 60g – 7.5 cals
Cucumber 46g – 4 cals
Onion 20g – 6 cals
Balsamic vinegar – 5 cals
2 x egg whites - 34 cals
Potatoes – 80 cals
Chives – 2 cals
Spring onion 2 cals
Fromage frais – 30 cals

D – Maintenance bar – 204 cals

Day 4 (Saturday) - Party

B – Shake – 142 cals

L – Wholemeal pitta bread – 126 cals
5oz chicken in chinese 5 spice – 140
Lettuce 50g – 6.25 cals
Cucumber 43g – 6 cals
Onion 15g – 4.5 cals
fromage frais – 16 cals

D – 2 x Tuna sandwich triangles at party and wholemeal roll.

Day 5 (Sunday)

B – Shake

L – Wholemeal pitta bread – 126 cals
Tuna 45g – 42 cals
Lettuce 30g – 3.75 cals
Cue 38g
Onion 16g – 4.5 cals

D – Nandos – chicken fillet wrap.

Day 6 (Monday)

B – Missed

L /D 4oz wholemeal speghetti and lean mince. With dolmio light sauce.

Naughty bit of chocolate whoops! :ashamed0005:

Day 7 (Tuesday)
B – Shake – 142 cals

L – Missed

D – 6oz Jacket with tuna and salad
Day 8 (Wednesday)

S – Banana and strawberries with half mullerlight.

Day 8 (Wednesday)

B – Shake

L – Shake.

D – 5.6oz cod – 154 cals
2 tablespoons of peas – 7 cals
8oz mash – 107 cals
Philadelphia (garlic and herb) in mash – 70 cals

S – Banana and strawberries with half mullerlight.
Well after a good start to the week it ended badly (food wise).
Went for my weigh in today and I have put on 3lb but I am not at all disappointed or upset as I went away for the weekend and really enjoyed myself. Starting from today I am back on the healthy wagon and shall finally go to the gym.

Day 9 (Thursday)

B - Banana

L - Shake

D - 4.4oz salmon
2 tablespoons of peas – 7 cals
8oz mash – 107 cals
Philadelphia (garlic and herb) in mash – 70 cals

Day 10 (Friday)

B - 30g Crunchy nut with full milk (yuk) :( (all I could get on the road for work)

L - Blueberry muffin

Chicken breast and salad
10 oven chips (low fat but still naughty)

Day 11 Saturday

B - Banana

L - Egg salad sandwich in brown bread from starbucks :(

D - Chilli con carne.

Day 12 (Sunday)

B - Banana

L - Jacket potato with 80g tuna and fromage frais with salad.

D - Restaurant
Lasagne with ciabatta bread
First glass of red (heaven)
Naughty dessert

Day 13 (Monday) alton towers

B - Cereal again 30g crunchy nut as that was the lowest there.

L - KFC :ashamed0005:

D - None still felt guilty.

But I had a wicked time so roll on this week.
Got my chicken weighed and cooked and my salad prepared for tonight.
But you enjoyed yourself, that's the main thing....I think if I had eaten lots....I would have soon have gotten rid of it, going on some of those rides.......:sign0137: !!!!!

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