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Kick in the behind needed!!!!

Hi All,
Bought a 12 week countdown after Christmas and did extra easy for the whole 12 weeks. I either lost 1/2 pound, Put on 1/2 pound or STS. At the end of the countdown I was back to square 1. Bought another 1 week coundown and went back to green and original days. Lost 2 the first wek, lost 1/2 the second and tonight was 3rd weigh in and i gained 1 1/2. I need a slap with a motivation stick!!!
Anyone else struggling like me?
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Not such a fat kat now :)
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I do, Im going through a bit of a rough patch but I need to do better. weight loss has been slow and plateauing for the last few months and I need to motivate myself again. Ive still got at least 4 stone to go.


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Well at least you are practising for maintaining when you get to target eh?

Refocus - get your books out, do a food diary and plan plan plan your life into the SW plan! I have to fit in social occasions, but i try to work out what im going to have and stick to it - sometimes its a bit boring, but i would rather go out still, be a little restricted on my meals, and have a loss - than not!!!

Good luck - i had a month where i lost 1lb and then the next one i lost over 9lbs!!!

You can do it - just get that 'first week motivation' feeling back.

Maybe write a list of all the reasons you are losing weight, and set yourself weekly targets * this week i want to lose 2lbs* and maybe introduce exercise, this helps with weight losses - even if its just walking (doesnt have to be a triathalon!!! :D) every other evening!

Lots of love and hope to see your lbs flying off! xxx
Thanks ladies!
Is so nice to know that there are others who feel the same as i do. I really do want to do this and i know i can- we all can!

I think you're right when you say i need week 1 motivation and i have got the books out and am planning meals that i have not had before- just so that i have to think a bit more about what i am doing. This may keep me focused i dont know!

As for the exercise, i religiously go to pilates once a week but its not very strenuous! I have bought a treadmill and its sitting in the garage waiting to be used. I used it alot to start but then just find other things in the house to do! I must and i will exercise nore- it definately helps!

You see, I know what i have to do, I just need to get my act together and get losing lbs! As soon as i start losing weight i will be motivated!

Thanks, and good luck to you all - we can and will do it!


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Do you ladies do a food diary on here? i've started one and i find it keep me extra motivated to know i am writing it down everyday and other people can see what i'm having! maybe try that.

it is hard to stay/get motivated but you'll do it xx


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S: 16st1lb C: 13st9lb G: 12st7lb BMI: 29 Loss: 2st6lb(15.11%)

I've also had a rough time lately, not really lost anything for 2-3 months and didnt know why I had plateaud. Anyway, I started drinking lots of water and have lost 6.5lb over last 3 weeks. Try drinking more water, its worked for me

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