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Kick up the backside? - Yes, PLEASE! :)

Hello everyone :)

I am all new to this forum after spending the past three days googling on weightloss tips and tricks and all that, and I am hoping to find inspiration here!

I'm 25, living in Canterbury and my bum has been big ever since I was little, but this has to change. Generally, I live with a very low self esteem, started to dislike people and their very vocal opinions about this and basically, I wouldn't mind to be a hermit due to my weight, but that has to change!

This year I have set myself a few goals, attacked some of them, but there is the one goal that is such a struggle - to lose weight...

I don't know how much I weigh, I like to avoid the truth, but it keeps hitting me in the face when I want to buy clothes. There aren't so many nice things for sizes 24 (tendency to 26 sometimes :(), and usually it doesn't look the way I want it to either. Shopping depresses me!

I work in a busy environment - hospitality. Everything included from running around up to 6 hours a day, to cooking (with those guilty pleasures), to sitting. Generally though, it's a pretty active job and I enjoy it a lot. However, when not working, I am "selectively active" as my boyfriend told me... I can be so lazy!

So now I have actually set my mind to "get off your bum and do something", which is alright, just the practice is lacking. I'd love to join a gym, but I am too paranoid of mouthy people - you get them everywhere. Slimming Classes - yes, I would do them, if they weren't too time set (the job gives me odd hours, so I couldn't be somewhere at a time each week). And also, I am not sure whether it would be a waste of time/money... but I guess I can explore peoples opinions and experiences here!

I just need a kick up the bum, and I guess I need it from people who go through the same as I do. My boyfriend, skinny lad, says I have to go through this on my own (pfft!), which I don't agree on!

Anyway, once I start I keep writing until it's a novel. I think this website looks great, and I am hoping to possibly find some hints on how to do things and maybe even a weightloss buddy (how do you find those!!)!

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I'm new here also

I have stuggled to lose weight for a long long time ,Everyone keeps asking if i am pregnant,,At my age i hope its impossible:( (67) so you see my weight is all up front,lol I am going to start the w/w points .I only know the old system so i'm going to try that 'AGAIN', I NEED MOTIVATION !!!!
I'm 5ftx3ins and i weigh 11st 8lbs.
There must be someone out there in the same situation,,:(


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Hi Dwynn, welcome to MM :)

I think what you should do is take some time to read through real-life stories on here, of successes on the different plans, and find out which one is for you. I have followed Slimming World for almost a year and could not dream of doing any other healthy eating plan, or in some cases, healthy drinking plan! I would wholeheartedly recommend SW to everyone, whether they wanted to lose 7lbs, 7 dress sizes, or just wanted to eat more healthily! I think it would be a good plan for you, as skinny OH can still eat the same meals! He probably wouldn't even notice the low fat cheese in the fridge, or the fat free Activia over the Ski yoghurts.. So many women on here, myself included, have noticed that the lads in the house prefer SW food over anything we make specifically for them! Also, if you put 'shift worker' down as your occupation and discuss this with your consultant, you aren't required to pay any backdated fees should you miss a class. However, with the abundance of SW classes on at different times in any area, you shouldn't face many difficulties in finding one that suits you :)

I hope you're enjoying surfing MiniMins and I'll be sure to pop back and find you soon to see how you're getting along! Once you pick a weight loss strategy, I'm sure you'll find something with a similar starting weight and target weight who can be your buddy, whether they are also starting their journeys or they are some way into their's - this can be such a strong motivation at times and we just don't realise it :)

just saying hello and welcome to MM
theres lots of fantastic people on here.
you've come to the right place. Good luck losing the Lbs xx
Thanks everyone!

This place seems pretty cool, I am supposed to be working right now but I found myself browsing through this website most of my worktime...

It is very interesting to read all the different opinions and stories, but so hard to find what's good for oneself! I know I need to get off my butt and start exercising, buttttt the motivation isn't quite there yet. It's getting there though.

I will just read a little more about everything and then it might be more than only my head wanting to do something! Maybe find a little support here too, as my boyfriend, whom I'd love to support me, leaves me to it...

Aaaanyway, thank you :)


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hi dwynn welcome to the world of minimins :wave_cry: have u decided which plan u r going to follow? i have been following s/w and have lost 28lbs so far after years of yo-yo dieting putting on an extra stone with each diet i followed. good luck losing the lbs u will get lots of advice and support on here x
hi dwynn welcome to the world of minimins :wave_cry: have u decided which plan u r going to follow? i have been following s/w and have lost 28lbs so far after years of yo-yo dieting putting on an extra stone with each diet i followed. good luck losing the lbs u will get lots of advice and support on here x
well done for losing 28lbs!! thats FAB!!


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Hi hun :) I used to feel like u do now so i understand as im sure most people here will too.. you dont have to go through it on your own and your boyfriend should be the first one to give u support. I do slimming world which is the first thing thats ever worked for me and u can actually eat eat proper and filling foods.even if you dont have time to go to meetings u can get an online membership so u can check things out on your own time and if u get stuck someone here will always have the answer! :)
I think I'm going to try and start the lipotrim 100%. Got a friend oop north who's doing it and she recommended it to me! Trying won't hurt, and then we'll see how it goes. I will try and pair it with doing regular exercise like skating.

Going to go to sign up for it tomorrow, I hope I will be able to last!


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