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Kicked off lighter life


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:cry:i went to the doctor again today as i still have an upset stomach.she said i was putting my health in danger because of the amount of fluid i am losing with the diarrhoea.she said i have to take rehydrating powders which are blackcurrent flavoured,and have to eat bread ,potateoe and chicken and fish.I said i couldn't and she said i must speak to lighter life.
I rung my counsellor this morning and she immediately told me i couldn't carry on because of damage done by electrolyte inbalance.She has even said i might not be allowed back on the diet.

She says i must get well first and worry about the weight afterwards,but they won't even be able to consider this without a signed letter from my doctor saying i am fit to continue.

I am devastated.I have just forced a weight watchers meal down,and i feel so unhappy. i didn't want it,it made me feel guilty,and worse than that i didn't enjoy it.
why did this have to happen,all i wanted was to lose another couple of stones,its not much to ask is it?
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Cookey, I know you are upset but your health really does have to come first! You have done so well so you have a good basis to start from. Try ang get well... that is the priority here!! Worry about the rest after that. Sending you huge hugs and I hope you feel better soon x


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cookie, so sorry this has happened to you but you are well on your way to slimness...just keep going with weightwatchers or sth that your GP is happy with...good luck


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why dont you try doing RTM early?
that way you are still in control and following a plan.
you can still use the packs but maybe skip straight to weeks 3 and 4 where you can have fruit and cooked vegetables along with proteins and yoghurts.
ready meals will not help- maybe if you can start with RTM you can grasp a healthy eating regime and continue to loose?


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What a disappointment!

I agree with the others, health has to come first, that's the whole reason you did LL isn't it?

Now you know you have the self control to abstain from food, you have explored the issues around your over eating, and you've had a really good kick start.

Nothing will hold you back now, you'll be slim before you know it! :D


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Oh that sucks. You have lost so much and done so well. You can do this, but your health comes frist.

Lots of sympathy....


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Oh cookey I really feel for you you must be feeling peed off but your health really does have to come first when you are over your upset stomach you should be able to get back on the packs good luck & let us know how you are doing & hope you feel better soon


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Try not to be too peed off; you have done brilliantly and you could easily lose the rest on a cal counting diet or similar. You do have to look after yourself as a priority but that doesn;t need to mean you stop losing weight.

Hope you feel much better very soon.


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Got a phone call from the doctor today.I have caught Campylobactor !!!!! Seems my visit to a farm with my grandaughters,and handling baby ducks and chicks is the culprit.The worst is over now ,but the bacteria can remain in the gut for several weeks(deep joy).

Back on plan today so i will see how it goes.Luckily i stayed away from the kids while i was ill so they are not at risk,but i could really do without this so near the end of foundation.

still i will survive which a week ago i doubted lol


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