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Knocked myself out of ketosis

I had a terrible day yesterday.Been ssing for 4 weeks now on aam week.We went to ikea yesterday to get the baby a new bed and we took a wrong turn.Now usually with a wrong turn you get eaten by canibals,but no we just ended up on the M61 going the wrong way.Petrl loght came on but we thought ok were only 5 miles from the services.How wrong were we.They closed the motorway just before the services and sent us up the A6.By this time i was dying for the toilet and we were driving on fumes.So i did a naughty thing and weed in a tupperware box:eek:.That solved the bursting bladder.
We then managed to find fuel and all was well.After fing our way back to the M6 we got to ikea 7 hours after we set off (should take us 2 hours)i could have gone to London in that time.I got to ikea and ate 8 meatballs i gave ste the chips,but still i ate.I think it could have been the caramel bar i ate in the car which was grosse,i need to get the taste out of my mouth.
Sorry to ramble a bit i'm just so upset that i'm now out of ketosis.
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MUST get a grip
Oh - poor thing.... Nevermind, it'll be quicker and easier to get back in to ketosis as your glycogen stores are still at minimal.
Drink plenty plenty water and flush your system through, most IMOPORTANTLY - forget it... Its not the end of the world, it was an out of control situation that's now over xxxxxxxxxxxx
Sorry, but the story was so believable that I laughed! Not so funny on the ketosis bit though. Flush it through and you will be peeing pink once again. It can't be helped, its just life dealing a blow.:hitthefan: Just out of interest, did you stop to pee? If not, then that was an acheivement in itself! I would have got it everywhere! They did that to me in Germany on the autobahn. Everything ground to a halt, I was 8months pregnant with the bladder capacity of a knat. Not a good combo! Meatballs weren't too bad a choice. I would have succumbed to the Dime bar cake.....
Poor you. Mind you- I longed for a tupperware box last night . Was driving-only about a 30 mile round trip- but do you think I could find anywhere to go? !st petrol station the loos were out of order, second petrolstation had no loos. Eventualy found a pub. And only just in time and my bladder is still sore today from having to squeeze so tight to avoid disaster.
p.s. The last ime I heard of anyone have to widdle in a tupperware box was 23 years ago- she was in a traffic jam and wearing trousers so don't know how she managed! The thought of it always makes me giggle!
Belive it or not I managed quite well our car was at standstill.It was\a very big tupperware box,but i had jeans on.A bit of a wiggle here and there and hey presto it was out.OH thought it was hilarious.I was worried that i would fill up the box though.Kids in back of the car didn't even notice.Good job i have a very large 4x4:D.I couldn't have done it in a mini.
I hope you rinsed the Tupperware box out before you used it again :rolleyes:.

Your story made me lol, but trying to drink 5 litres of water a day, I think I might have to start carrying a Tupperware box round with me ~ Ebay here I come!!!
I never thought about doing it in a nappy,i had loads of those with me.The tupperware box was thrown away,it was my 12 year old sons and i would have just laughed every time i made his lunch up.He's touchy enough as it is.(he wasn't in the car when the peeing happened by the way)As for how i looked i did it with dignity,i am a lady after all:D
:character00182:Hope you're back in ketosis soon and thanks for making me smile.

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