Lipotrim out of Ketosis


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I have been doing lipotrim for 2 weeks now and I was in maximum ketosis from the 5th day. I was doing the 3 shakes and following the allowed drinks etc. I've had no chewing gum or anything that isn't allowed however I started having the peanut butter flapjack 3 days ago which tasted disgusting so made a very strong coffee with sweetener tablets in a bowl just enough for the flapjack to soak it up and it actually tastes fine. Unfortunately I started feeling a little hungry today and checked my Ketosis levels and I have gone down to moderate. Has anyone else found that eating the flapjacks have lowered their ketosis level? Or even kicked them out completely?
Unsure whether it is this or whether you can come out of ketosis another way that I don't know about?
I have just realised I had a pure chamomile tea last night and unfortunately where it says pure leaf teas I've found out chamomile is a flower! I didn't even think. This must be the reason. Absolutely gutted as I was doing so well and didn't feel hungry. Now I'm starving. Will have to go through the process of will power again. Hopefully it'll be quick as I'm still partially in Ketosis.
Hi Congo

How are you getting on?

I made the same mistake of drinking Camomile tea in my first week too as I didn’t realise it was a flower and not pure leaf.

Hope you’re doing okay, how long are you planning on doing Lipotrim?