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lactulose solution - help x

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I am on week 4 of s.world and gutted to report a 2lb weight loss in 4 weeks- went through food diaries etc, and the leader was questioning me etc, and then I realised I take lactulose solution (6 x 5mls sppons per day) each 5ml contains 3.35g of the sugar lactulose, I have searched the mini.coms, s.world etc and can not see whether to syn this - I am tempted to come of it for a week (its to help with my constipation) which hopefully now I am healthy eating I will not need - anyone know if it is syns and if this is affecting my weight loss???
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I could be wrong but I understand that lactulose is not absorbed by the body. It works by uptaking more fluid in the bowel and is an insoluble sugar. I am a nurse but very rusty!!!! Someone else maybe around to advise!


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i was prescribed this by doctor and didn't lose any weight for whole time i was on it (nearly a month), when i spoke to my consultant about it, it is really high in syns like cough mixtures, turns out was probably using more than a days worth of syns on it and then using up normal days syns thinking i hadn't had any! I started taking senokot instead which worked better and weight loss started again.

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you prob won't need it if you are eating a diet with enough fibre and drinking plenty of fluids.
tbh it prob is'nt the best laxative out there (usually prescribed as it is CHEAP!!) (in my opinion)something such as movicol would be better if you still need something to help you go. MOVICOL Information
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S: 10st10lb C: 10st10lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks for all your replies, will not take any for a week and ensure I have fruit. veg and loads of water each day! just glad if it is this to know so early on as was really to pack it in (but paid in advance for 12 weeks! so will stick at it)


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I have to agree that Movicol is much more effective (in my opinion) if you're suffering from quite serious constipation - most doctors will give you the choice between lactulose and movicol - and this one is definitely syn free as it's basically a polymer that absorbs water.

You shouldn't be having to take anything like this for a very long time unless you are on medication or have a condition that causes constipation really. How are you managing without lactulose now?

Hope you're doing ok!

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