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I have had some steamed fish for my tea and really enjoyed it. Feel a bit bad now but really needed to eat also had a glass of wine which I didn't finish all the glass but it was a nice treat. I am starting cd soon where I can introduce protein and still lose by all accounts. Hope you all don't hate me now
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Of course we don't hate you lola... I know how it feels but i hope u can get urself back on track, you're over half way :D you'll be there in no time!


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Hope you enjoyed it, if your gonna lapse you may as well enjoy it! Good luck with the CD. You've done so well in so few weeks really! :)


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Don't be daft we don't hate you at all (((hugs)))

I'm eating for 3 days this week due to the course I'm going on, I have to work through the mealtimes with my new teams so can't escape the meals like I did the 2 day course, plus one night it's a residential. I could be honest and tell them that I'm not eating and why but these are new people that I'm going to be working with for a long time and I don't want their first real memory of me to be 'that woman who doesn't eat' - I just don't want that kind of attention, so I'm all set for eating on Tues, Wed and Thurs and while I'm not looking forward to it I am looking forward to it if you know what I mean.
How could I hate you Lola:eek::eek::eek: - Good luck with CD, chin up.


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How can you say your a failure just look at you weight loss neary 4 stone that is just so good Little slip ups happen on the LL diet for some of us but don't let it get you down just put it behind you


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If you put it in perspective Lola, it is a piece of fish!
It isn't helpful, but it won't kill you.
Put it behind you and refocus on today.
The 790 on CD will work just fine, you might notice not quite such a good loss, but it will still be more than conventional diets.
Good luck

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Hi Lola - you say you were determined to eat? Why was that?

Just one little slip does not a failure make! You've done very well....put it behind and move on. AFter all, a peice of fish, is a peice of pish! :D COuld have been a lot worse with all the choices out there! As for the wine though - you get a :whoopass: for that!!! :rotflmao:

Your doing great hon. Keep at it!! Don't beat yourself up - no need for that. :)

Good luck on CD!! :)


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S: 14st7lb G: 11st5lb
Thanks, the reason for needing to eat was pure hunger I felt weak and depressed so it momenterily cheered me up. The wine made me feel sick the next day so know that has to be avoided at all costs (pls everyone soo not worth it steer clear) Now I have my final wi with LL tomorrow then a further weeks pack up to next wed week 14 then onto cd to shift 1.5 stone maybe more but thats my goal for now.

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