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Laser eye surgery

What type of surgery are you having? My hubbie had his done in October - he had lasik. It was so quick! He went straight to bed when he got home and slept and was amazed at the difference when he woke up.
He has +20/20 vision in one eye, but 'only' 20/20 in the other, so he may need another session (as he plays a lot of sport) - but he says that it is the best thing that he has done!
Good luck - it will be so quick, oh and make the most of the eye drops that they give you, apparently it really helps.
I'm not sure what one I'm having done name wise (it's the basic one)

seems like I have eyes that are very suitable for surgery (thick corneas) so I could have had any of the options. Went for the basic one as I was told I would notice the differance between the surgerys if they hadn't told me (hope that sentence made sense)

just hoping it's not to painful afterwards as I'm a bit of a wuss and I don't like the thought of being without makeup for a week.


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My OH's mum had it done, and says it's the best thing she ever did. Tried to talk me into it, but I'm a bit squeamish about eyes.. took me long enough to try contact lenses, so they're fine and dandy for me right now!!
Know what you mean about squeamish... I aked them not to tell me in any great detail what they were going to do. On a need to know basis I'm not the one performing the surgery so as long as the person doing it knows what their doing we'll be fine.
Hiya, I had my right eye done back in 95 and it's deffinitely been worth it. I used Optimax but won't go into the actual event as technology has really moved on since then. I will say that even as it was over 15yrs ago, I had no pain or other side effects - even went shopping around Bristol right after surgery (that wasn't advised actually but as we'd driven over an hour to get there, I wasn't going to waste an opportunity :D). Sight was greatly improved within days but in those days, I had to wait up to 6 months to realise the eventual final result. These days, as quoted above, the results are virtually immediate.
Good Luck ;)


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Please let me know how you get one salsaqueen! I'd love to have it done being hugely shortsighted.

Money and some basic squeamishness keep me back. :)


Will get there one day!
It was the best thing I had done, I've had it done 4 years now and even though I had to be reoperated on in one eye I still do not regret it one bit.

I originally wore contacts but keeping them in 12+ hours a day wasn't doing my eyes any good and then I found glasses annoying, couldn't see when I went swimming, when it rained glasses got wet, when you then went inside they steamed up etc etc!

The first time you roll over in bed and can see the alarm clock is amazing, as is the first holiday, not having to keep changing between glasses and prescription sunglasses.

The best of luck, my friend didn't want to know anything before he had his done and then after he said "why didn't you tell me" blah blah blah so if you've got any questions ask x


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It's amazing...i had mine done 5 years ago and i still have better then 20/20 vision! My eyes were really bad, -2.5 and -2.75....it's an amazing thing when you can see everything!

You'll be pleased to hear that there is absolutely no pain involved! There was only mild discomfort when they put the eye thingy in. That's it!

I had mine done with ultralase on tottenham court road. I could see straight after the surgery, even though my eyes were watering. They have a lifelong policy, so if your eyes go downhill, they will treat you again for free!

Haven't needed that yet!

Right i'm off shopping! :D
My old mum had it done at about 82 years old and was thrilled with the results. I will never forget her telling me she could see every blade of grass again instead of just a green mass.


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You've just about convinced me! I'd love to get rid of my specs!
Had mine done about 15 years ago, then you had one eye done and waited several weeks to have the other one done, now it is just amazing. Apart from driving it was the best thing I have ever had done, I would suggest when you get home try to go to bed for a good nights sleep, your eyes are uncomfortable, just like having a speck of dust in them, so when you are asleep you can not feel anything. When you wake up and can see the alarm clock it feels absolutely amazing, before my surgery I would have to put on my specs just to get to the bathroom.


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I had mine done 6 years ago and i agree there is no pain just mild discomfort and with me that was just on the night after i had mine done. And i can say it was the best thing i ever did.

I didn't know about the lifelong policy, would they really treat you again for fee if your eyes got worse? Mine could do with a little tweak lol.
Check your policy hun, if it's in there then yes, go get them tweaked! lolol
i had one eye done about 15yrs ago, if i of had both done then i would need glasses for reading! it did not hurt at all & as said just felt like a bit of grit in my eye but eye sugery has vastly improved now, my dad had his eyes lasered about 6mths before me & hes now in his 70's with no problems at all & without glasses, unfortunatly my eyes have digressed a bit but i now wear disposable contacts that wernt available 15yrs ago!! goodluck & it does not hurt whats so ever :)
If I had the money I would definitely do this. I'm sick of my glasses now, but I'm a bit squeamish with contacts. I know I'd probably be squeamish with surgery as well, but a few minutes per eye once seems a lot more reasonable than every day!


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I've been onto Ultralase this morning and they have said if i go back for an assessment and anything does need doing they will do it free of charge. Thanks Stahir, i wouldn't have known about this if you hadn't mentioned it :)
Glad i could help hun. :):hug99:
Had mine done in 2008, i had Lasik which means that they dissolve top layer of your eye. Healing process is longer then Lasek - on this procedure they cut corner flap of your eye - this heal quicker.
Its best thing i ever done. Dont be afraid its pain free!!! good luck.

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