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last bit is soooo difficult

Hi Girls and guys,

I need abit of inspiration... ive lost 2 stone so far on this diet and want to/will be happy when i've lost another half stone/10 pounds. I just cant get back motivated to do it! i'm not putting any weight on just been eating things like chicken breast and fish as been very busy lately.

I've also found due to my job sometimes on this diet ive had to subtitute an odd shake/soup for something like a skinny frap from starbucks. I have a very socialable job! so if i cut myself up for not sticking to the 4 pcks per day i'd of failed way back.
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i think ive just answered my own Q, havent i.....? do my best to stick to 4 packs per day! i just hear people talk about plateu (i dunno how to spell it) and wondered how they get past it.


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I think you should be moving up the plans really anyway as you're close to goal, so maybe speak to your CDC about going on to 810? Or the 1000 plan?


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Heeello i am in the same boat i have 10 pounds to get to GOAL, i am currently on the 1000 plan my weight loss is mega slow now.
So thinking today i may SS for one week see if that helps again!!

I go away in 6 weeks and really want to be 10.10 but struggling big time. And yes im sure u should have moved up plans by now i sure have done SS, SS+ and 810 now 1000. Speak to ure cdc very soon.!!!

Keep in touch hun!! shan x


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I've just got to goal!! It's taken me 10 months to lose 33lbs, which is ridiculous.....
It was the last 10lb for me, so difficult to lose as I felt "ok" & everyone was saying how great I looked!
So after messing about I just managed to get my "zone" head back on again..... I really feel your pain, I hope you manage to get the last bit off.. x
I've lost 3 stone and still want to lose another 2 and it's harder. I have never been one for buying clothes ready for goal because who knows, I might be smaller than I think.
However, I've just done that very thing and it's competely remotivated me.

Can you not buy something that you know you would only wear at goal, something absolutely stunning and hang in on your wardrobe?
I've lost 4lbs in 5 days since my red dress arrived :)


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ive been going up and down from 10.7 to 10.4 for the past month now, i want to get to 9.7 and its so hard now as i feel great, can shop in 'normal' shops etc - i need to get in the zone again...the last stone is a pain in the arse! like you lucy, ive not put any on and so i tell meself im doing good by maintaining at least but truthfully im dithering about!


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Hey Lucy,
Just wanted to say Well done as you have done so well so far..
Perhaps if you try and cut out the frapacinos and stick to the shakes or as someone else suggested perhaps you need to start going up the plans....
I have lost 5 stone and I know once you start feeling good it must get harder.. but if you want to get those last pounds off stick with it and I am sure it will come off!! x

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