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Last EVER attempt


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Ok so i have been half arsed doing a combination of WW and Sw for the last few months and have been failing miserably !! Down 5 pound - crap !!! am going back to my WW class, i get on great with my leader, she texts me all the time and is really motivational. I really need to once and for all get this weight off me.

MY 30th birthday is next year and i want to have a big party and really want to be at my goal weight by then !!! Im am SOOOO motivated and really really have to do it this time. :wave_cry:
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You sound really motivated - thats fab! i was doing SW but now doing WW, and it's fab i think. You should do very well because you have a goal to reach - your 30th birthday. You can do it - good luck hun xx
Good luck Tush!

know what you mean by having to do it this time... i felt the same.. always had an excuse to put it off.. but then got engaged.. so now even tho the wedding isn't until 2 yrs time.. thats my motivation...

its great that your leader is so motivational... that'l certainly help you in reaching your goal... its all about will power and motivation hun..and you have the perfect goal set out.... and with that in mind i know you'l do great..

sometimes we just need that excuse to get our ass in gear.. well that was the case with me anyhow :0)

best of luck with your ww journey hun...

and heres to good times ahead

Hi this is my last attempt too or its a gastric band and believe me I really dont want any surgery.
1lbs a week easily gets you to goal so well done for taking it by the horns and getting it done :)
I can feel your pain ladies. I am a serial yo yo dieter. If I hear of something new then I will try it....have spent god knows how much on pills & potions over the years. But I am determined to lose the weight this time round. I even tried Celebrity Slim earlier this week....all I can say is that I won't be trying that again (anytime soon). :eek:

I did WW back in 2002 and between January and June managed to lose 3.5stone. I was delighted.....mind you I had never ever dieted before this. I cut out all the junk and alcohol. Roll on 8 years and I am still off the alcohol. But finding it hard to shift the lbs :wave_cry: once again.

Roll on 2010 and I have managed to lose some weight myself (mainly due to ill-health) since March but I really want to lose another 2 stone. I am stuck between WW and SW (have the SW books) but think that I am better suited to counting points. Now I just need to decide when should I go to class - there is one on a Friday morning or one on a Tuesday morning? What do you think ladies?

Sorry for hi-jacking your thread but you sound so like me.....that I need motivation and together we can do it. :kissass: Plus I have a Vegas holiday coming up in October that I want to be lighter for. :)
Hi Tush,

I am soooo understanding where you are coming from!!I turned 30 in June and its taken sooo long for my motivation to kick in!!Best of luck with your weight loss.......YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

Love Shiny x
Hi Tush,
You sound really motivated and I am sure that you will succeed!

Good luck on your weight loss journey

Sharkbait1983 x

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