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Last time

hiya everyone, thought I would start my own diary on here, you never know it might help someone one day!!!!

Started properly on the diet on Sunday, joined the gym last tuesday and have been evry day since! Tried to do the cambridge diet but failed again at it, just getting fatter with it because i am doing starve binge starve binge and on and on and on! So i got weighed at weight watchers on Saturday and i was 1 1/2 pounds down from the week before, so at least a start in the right direction.

I have tried evry diet going I think, had my main success 10 years ago with weight watchers where I lost nearly 5 stone before i got married so i know it works.

I am going to try and do the diet a bit different to normal, try not to have too many crisps, chocs etc and aiming to limit my carbs on a night after the gym! See how it goes.....

So today i have had: -


Jordan's crunch cereal and milk 4.5


2 brown buns with chicken salad 6.5
snack a jacks 1.5
mullerlight 1.5


apple and 2 satsumas 1

will have a cereal bar before the gym 2


prawn stir fry 3
wholemeal wrap 1.5

that is 21.5 but will probably have a SF jelly and fruit and meringue tonight.

Will keep you all updated!
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Just popped in to say welcome and good luck!

I understand where you are coming from with cambridge, have spent the past 3 years losing/gaining 2 stone doing cambridge/low carb - i now have 3 stone to lose!!!!

Have decided to do the slow and steady approach using ww but after poor 1st week loss despite sticking to plan 100%, have decided to limit amount of bread/pasta/rice. Hoping to see the results at weighin on wednesday

Donna xx


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I have just joined Weight Watchers myself Friday just gone. I am hoping to lose my weight slowly but surely. I need to get myself into working out my points and planning my meals. I got given my pack from the meeting but I cant find the points list for cereals and few other things. Is there anywhere I can find a list for diffrent foods not lised in my pack or do i just have to work them out with the points calculator???
Good luck with your weight loss,
Kerry x

Last time

Still going well, did 45 mins in the gym last night and plan on doing this most days if possible.

feeling great at the minute, sooooooooo much better than cambridge!

Speak soon


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welcome and good luck to ww diet


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Hey honey!! Did you have a weigh in this week? How did you get on?
J xx

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Hi, I seemed to miss your original post with there being so many new diaries on here since New Year.

Welcome and hope its still going well. x