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Lateral Thigh Trainer & 6 Second Abs

Hey All

Well on day 3 oday and its going well so far although ive only managed 3 1/2 ltrs as ive been rushed off my feet!
Will make up for it tomorrow!!

Ive ordered myself a Shocking Pink Lateral Thigh Trainer and the 6 second abs that ive seen on the tv my friend says they works wonder so i thought why not!!

They get delivered on Friday so il have to let you know how i get on over the weekend! hahaha! :D :eek: Plan to take it easy though cos im on SS!!

Does anyone else have one of these?!

Im not really one for the gym you see and with a little girl i dont have much time to go anyway!!

Hope everybody is doing ok!!

Lou x
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Hi Looby

I have one and the one bit of advice I would give you is take it easy to start with as I jumped on it and went at it like a maniac and ended up tweaking my back and having physio!! I do think they work though, just build up steadily.

Good luck!

I have one and hate it. It hurt my back and I always felt as though I was about to fall off and do myself a mischief but that is probably just me. :sigh:

Much prefer my Pilates machine which is brilliant.
I have one - have had for years. I found that they are bloody noisy, hard to get usedto, but results are great! Only stopped using it cos i went to uni, and it was so noisy i couldnt really use it in my halls of residence cos of all the bangings - wouldnt be fair to the ppl downstairs!

My legs are stil the best part of me - i thank the LTT! xxx


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Hiya I have a LTT too and if I can just give you one piece of advice it would be to make sure you warm up first before you go on it.

I didn't warm up and jumped straight on and the next day my leg was twitching and it carried on twitching for days.

Thanks for your replies!

i figured that the worst part of me is my thighs and calves and someone told me the the LTT is great for shapign and toning these areas!!
And with the cambridge diet as well i will be shedding the fat!!

I NEED to be SLIMMER for my wedding in July!!!!

Thanks again
Hey Bailey

Getting married 26th July next year at St Patrics Catholic church in Birstall and then reception at Gomersal Park Hotel
Cant wait now but had a bit of a distressing time when i first went to try dresses on!

I went to try wedding dresses on in June and the woman who owned the shop said they had nothing in my size (i was a size 18 then)
And she then contradicted herself by saying they could order the dresses in up to a size 22 but she still wouldnt let me look at any of the dresses!! :cry::cry::cry:

I was DISTRAUGHT to say the least!
And it has really put me off trying dresses on!

I am actually having my dress made by fantastic dress maker but i need to find a dress style i like!!

I am now going to go in January and hopefully i will be a size 12 by then!!

Sorry for rant but wanted to get that off my chest!!

I wouldnt buy anything from that shop even if i was a size 10 now!!

Lou xx
All the best for the wedding. What a lovely thing to be looking forward to and planning for.

What do some of these sales people think they are doing and who do they think they are?

You had a rotten experience but that says more about her than it does about you.

Don't let them finish your wedding dress until the week of the wedding!!! :D
Haha i know she said that she only needs 2 months notice as she is now only working part time and i can have alterations up to a week before which is good!

Thank you for your message i know these people think they are so much better than me!

Granted she was slim bu she had a face like a cows backside!! :eek:

Anyway i will show her cos when im thin im going to go into the shop and then not buy anything just to p*** her off!!
Horrible but revenge is sweet!!


please try again
i have the LTT and i have the ab pro
there supposed to be really good at tightening and toning everything

currently though the ab pro is in residence under my bed and the LTT makes a good door stop


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Wow Lou I hope you have a great day! Good on you with the Pretty Woman style plan to get the cow in the dress shop. Looking at where you live I have a pretty good idea of the bint that you mean. I had a verry similar experience in a shop when I went to get a bridesmaid dress recently.

Oh and i just ordered a six second abs last night - can't wait to get it. I'm on a desperate mission to prevent sagging skin any way I can at the moment!
Yep, I've just ordered a 6 second abs too - my tummy still seems really big compared to the rest of me!

My LTT and 6 second abs have both been delivered so looking forward to using them.
Dont know whether i will be saying that after the weekend!!

Chika - Yeah she really is a horrible woman but im trying not to let it get me down!!
I have my first weigh in next Friday!!

Suffering from terrible heartburn though! Anyone else suffered with it?!

The main thing i want to do is lose the 4-5 stone i need to for my helath and confidence reasons but i dont want the saggy skin so im trying to moisturise and tone at the same time!!
My little girl is now one and ive still got a bit of a saggy belly after a whole year!
Granted it isnt as big as it was 6 months ago i know it isnt how i want it!!

Really looking forward to my weigh in now - shame i have to wait a week!! Hoping for a really good week as it will of been my first 2 weeks on diet and i want some big losses to spur me on!
Anyway i will show her cos when im thin im going to go into the shop and then not buy anything just to p*** her off!!
Horrible but revenge is sweet!!
Haha, I'll come with you, just to see the look on your face.

Let me know how you get on with the exercise stuff, I may be tempted to buy them if they're any good and not too expensive :)
Yeah we will have to go and rub it in her face!

The LTT and 6 second abs cost me £40 altogether and they were free delivery which im surprised at because the LTT weighs a tonne!

How you getting on with the diet?

Im on day 5 but still feel a bit hungry!
Just gonna ride the hungry wave till it passes! Hopefully over weekend i wont be feeling hungry!

My husband 2 be and little girl had special chow mein last night!!
They were munching on their noodles and chips!
But i stayed strong (my biggest downfall is chinese food)

So maybe i have already learnt soething from this diet!!
Yeah my housemate had chinese last night - I had my spicy tomato soup. I'm on day 4 and staying strong. I don't have a boyfriend but I'd very much like one in the future, I'm 28 and been single for almost 2 years now, but it's kinda scary too!

I'm a bit hungry too, think it's more cos I'm stuck at work and bored and cross with a colleague who keep sniffing and has been coughing and sniffing non stop for about 6 months now. I've got my MP3 on!

Sounds like you have learnt a lot already from the diet.

If it makes you feel any better wedding dresses do come up really small sized, I was most definitely a size 12 when I got married but I struggled to get into a size 14 wedding dress in the shops. Hope you enjoy your new toys x
Well im suprised i managed to keep mine!! lol
I was a size 8 when i met Matthew then we went travelling to Oz about 3 years after we met and i was a size 12 then when we came back i was a size 16!
We strated trying for a baby and was a size 18-20 when i gave birth last october!!
But ive been with him 6 years and love him to bits!!
And he did ask me if he could have the chinese first and i said yes so i suppose it was my own fault!!

he is really supportive!! :p

But this website is a lifesaver!!

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