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Lateral Thigh trainer...


has started again!!
ordered it! Gotta give it a try!

£37 inc next day delivery. Cheaper than on TV, thats for sure!

Wish me luck.

(Must get off pc and do laundry now, its just the desire to eat is very very very very strong today....)
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I have one - it arrived a week ago and I set up all up last night. It's in front of the tv and I used it for 10 mins last night while watching CSI. I'm dead pleased with it - its really easy to use and I can feel it working on my calves and thighs and getting slightly breathless on it. Deffo worth it.

Also, I've been really craving food and I made the crisps last night and it really sorted me out. Something to try. They seem more substantial that way rather than as a soup.
I have the equipment at home but I haven't used it as yet! :eek: It was given to me by my Aunt last Summer - she didn't want it anymore so I took it!

If it is that effective, I better start using it!!!


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I have used my MIL`s when she was away and enjoyed it....though I have got myself an elliptical trainer and just love it


has started again!!
It was from "shownontv.co.uk". They promise next delivery if ordered by midday.

I hope it turns up early as I dont fancy staying home all day waiting!! Hey, I just want to get going on the thing!!!!!


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I got one a few weeks ago and I like it. I do the DVD everyday and I can tell it has worked, both upper and lower body.

I've read they don't last very long but I only paid £30 with free delivery. I only want it to last until I've finished the diet and then I can afford to get back in the gym :)


has started again!!
Gosh, wish I'd known there was a cheaper one. Mine was £37 inc delivery!! Mind you, on the shopping channel they are way more than that.

Glad to hear it is a good investment. Looking fwd to getting it now!!
hi all i bought one 2years ago and i hardley ever used it, but when i started using it every night it seased up and the chain inside snapped.i think i should of oiled it? but good luck


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It was from "shownontv.co.uk". They promise next delivery if ordered by midday.

I hope it turns up early as I dont fancy staying home all day waiting!! Hey, I just want to get going on the thing!!!!!

That's where i bought mine, they delivered the next day as promised and by the way it's a worthwhile purchase.:)


has started again!!
:eek: OMG! Its great! I have not even done half of the stuff on DVD, and I am pooped already!! I am soooo unfit!!

Not sure if I am doing it entirely right as my calves are aching rather than my thighs!!

I think I am going to start at about 5 mins a day, and try to build up. I so want to be more toned for our holiday in August...

ps my 8 year old daughter has just got on in and is bouncing around like theres no effort at all..... oh to be a slim, 8 year old!!:princess::princess::princess:(these are for you, Princess Sadie, my biggest inspiration and my loudest critic! Love you!xx)


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Sarah I ordered on today too - got mine from www.uksportimports for £39 with power cords and a hula hoop! Oh that is gonna be fun :)

Glad to hear that you're enjoying yours. I worry about my thighs more than I even do my belly or my boobs as I really don't like them so am really hoping this helps.



has started again!!
Well, I have jumped on and off mine several times today, just to get the hang of the movement. It seems to pull my calves more than anything, but I will persevere!

I really hope it helps too, I pretty much worry about the whole body, but belly arms and thigh are the worst. Hope it helps!

good luck all and have fun x x
Lateral Thigh Trainer

Hi All. I read someones post that this doesn't last very long is that true, would hate to buy one and then have to throw it out.

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