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Latest pic


maintaining since June'09


I will be skinny again!!!
Looking fabulous Jan!!

Are you pleased? xx


Silver Member
:wow: Jan, you look fantastic.

I've just had a quick nose at your before pictures, you've done brilliantly :D


One last chance
Oooooh someone's getting some shape in there!

Looking great Jan :D


Getting thinner everyday!
Looking Good Jan. Such a difference. I bet you are well pleased!



♥3 Years Maintaining♥
*wolf whistles* looking good Jan!!! :D bet you are happy that you only have 12lbs to go :D well done xxx


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bet you are happy that you only have 12lbs to go
Comments like this really make me chuckle these days. When I was doing weight watchers, to lose 12lbs was like serving a life sentence. At one point during my many years of dieting, me and my Mum spent about 12 weeks at ww and only lost about 5lbs between the pair of us :eek:. We'd lose one week, then blow it and put it back on the next. It was sole destroying at times.


maintaining since June'09
Thank you very much everyone!! **blushes**

I AM pleased - more than anything with the fact that I'm far more realistic than I used to be about where I should be weight wise. I think aiming too low and never being satisfied has always been my downfall. I just wish I could have discovered this (AND LT!) years ago. I feel as though I've wasted sooooo much time .... I plan to make up for it though! ;)

And I too have done the soul destroying yo-yo-ing - for literally years!! :)

Thanks again! xx **hugs and kisses** xx


maintaining since June'09
Awwwww! Thank yoooooo! **flutters eyelashes** xx


maintaining since June'09
Sort of ... although I always have to point out that I'm wearing things I haven't worn for years etc - he'll say yes I noticed - but he didn't. The downside of him not noticing when I put it on I suppose .... or caring for that matter. That's a good thing I know so I can't really complain. My daughter and her girlfriend nearly fell over themselves today though. I don't usually wear fitted things like in the photo (taken today) that's why - it was very nice .. xx


Here we go again!
Wow Jan. Love the new pic. You look amazing.

There's such a difference with your before photos, you should be really proud of yourself! Keep going, not long to go now and those last 12lbs will be gone really soon.
fab pictures and well done on your losses
good luck with the last 12lbs
Fabulous, Jan. You have come a long way. I would love to post some before and after pics, but haven't got a clue how to do it!!!


maintaining since June'09
Thanks everyone!! :):)

Sharon - it can't be hard if I can do it! Believe me! I just copied and pasted this one into the thread. It's a BIT more complicated into an album but as long as the photos are on the PC you're using it's not TOO bad - honestly. I'd love to see some and I'm sure others would too. xx

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