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  1. Laura Ann

    Laura Ann Member

    Weigh day is tomorrow for me. I've been following ww a while and this last week I decided I'd give Filling and Healthy a proper trial. I am hoping for some kind of loss this week even though I was over on weeklies.

    I'm a mom to three. 2 girls (6 and 10 weeks) and 1 boy (3). I'm a stay at home mom and find day to day life busy with cooking, cleaning and looking after everyone. I need to try and fit a little exercise into the mix! May try the '30 day shred'.....need to try and get out walking more too.

    So I'll start recording my food and exercise here from tomorrow. I'll put up my official weight tomorrow too after class at 5.30p.m.

    Wish me luck xx
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  3. lins69

    lins69 Full Member

    Wishing you all the best for tomorrow's weigh in. I'm on slimming world just jow but getting a bit bored quite fancied trying ww so I see :)

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  4. Laura Ann

    Laura Ann Member

    Hey thanks for subscribing. Sure 'a change is as good as a rest' lol. I did do slimming world years ago but it wasn't for me. Worked for a while before I had my son, but after I couldn't seem to shift the weight with SW. Probably portion control being the main problem. I'll have a look and see if I can find your diary x
  5. Laura Ann

    Laura Ann Member

    WEIGH DAY - 11/03/2014 - TUESDAY

    First of all food -
    Fresh fruit salad with 1tbsp f.f. natural yoghurt (F&H)
    Shredded wheat with f.f milk (f&H)

    Homemade soup
    1 ww petit pan spread with homemade houmous (F&H)

    1 homemade burger (ex.lean minced steak)(F&H)
    Mashed potato (F&H)
    Steamed sweetcorn, peas and carrots (F&H)
    Gravy - Bisto, onion and mushrooms (1)

    So was at class today and lost 3lb. Delighted with that as its my first week on F&H, been doing propoints mostly. I'm gonna try another week at Filling and Healthy to see how it goes. I'll have a few off plan treats tonight and start afresh in the morning. I've a real craving for a cheese and ham toastie lol. I'll see how I feel later.

    Please feel free to comment on my diary xx
  6. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Hey laura ann here to subscribe! Congrats on the weight loss you food diary looks yummy!
  7. Laura Ann

    Laura Ann Member

    Hello and welcome.

    Its been a busy busy day. I'm obsessed with cleaning at the minute lol. So that with watching the kids is keeping me out of badness and the larder :D

    FOOD TODAY - WEDNESDAY 12/03/2014

    BREAKFAST - Fruit salad with f.f natural yoghurt and coffee (f&h)
    LUNCH - Loads stirfried veg, soya sauce, wholegrain couscous and king prawns (f&h).
    DINNER - Wholegrain spelt pasta and homemade bolanaise (ex.lean minced steak, passata, loads veg, garlic, lea&perrins, balsamic vinegar and bolanaise stock cube) 2g parmesan (f&h)
    SNACK - Slimbo with homemade houmous
    EXERCISE - 1 hr walk

    Haven't had a snack yet, but I'm thinking a ww petit pan with homemade houmous :D. I know I should count the parmesan from dinner but it was such a small amount I'm gonna be rebellious and not lol:p. So still 49weeklies intact ;)
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  8. lins69

    lins69 Full Member

    Hi there your diary looks so exciting and inviting I'm going to try ww this week I go to a sw class but struggling abit so was thinking about a wee change. Your doing well keep up the good work:):):):):):):):)

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  9. Laura Ann

    Laura Ann Member

    Hello hello! WW seems to be doing the trick for me anyway. Really hope you like it :D.

    I got a call from my friend this evening just as I was going to sit on the sofa and do sweet FA, she wanted to go for a walk. So off I went. Such a lovely night, really enjoyed it, we gossiped and walked for a whole hour. Came home then and instead of the petit pan I had a slimbo and hm houmous...twas taaasssttttyyyy :cool:
  10. Laura Ann

    Laura Ann Member

    Hello everyone. What a beautiful day.

    Today I am feeling very brave indeed. I have joined an 'operation transformation group' eeekkk. Basically I pay €100 for an 8 week course. For that money there are 3 structured exercise classes, something different everytime, Monday - Wednesday and Friday, then 7 days a week there are walking groups morning and night. There is a dietician, a kinesiologist and 3 trainers. I'm really hoping it'll get me back into exercise and feeling fit again. Scared but excited. My first session is tomorrow, I get weighed and measure and then I'm good to go.

    Todays busy as usual. I am in the middle of potty training my boy. He is 3 so old enough but I'm not so sure he knows when he has to go. He is very inthusiastic though so fingers and toes crossed this is it for him!!

    Okay I'm off too clean the en-suite top to bottom. I'll be back later with more inane ramblings and a nice healthy and filling food diary ;)
  11. Laura Ann

    Laura Ann Member

    ...I am so so so tired!!! I need to get off my arse and do stuff lol.
  12. lins69

    lins69 Full Member

    Thats sounds exciting but exhausting but when you've paid all that money you'll be determined to fo it. Well done you x

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  13. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Ya laura that sounds great, I only have one baby and I can barely drag myself for a walk fair play to you!
  14. Laura Ann

    Laura Ann Member

    Yeah I think it made more sense for me to join this rather than the gym. If I go to the gym I do a bit, get bored and leave lol. I need someone pushing me to start with anyway.

    I used to be so active before my last baby. I did 2 bootcamps a week and jogged inbetween as well. I was put on bedrest due to high risk pregnancy this time so I'm really really unfit and I can feel it! Don't like it one bit lol.

    I forgot to put up my food diary yesterday:


    Fruit, yoghurt and shreddies
    Slimbo toasted and spread with hm houmous

    Homemade leek and potato soup

    Baked potato with left over bolanaise
    Side salad - spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot and sweetcorn.

    Slimbo toasted and spread with hm houmous
    Hm blueberry traybake (4)


    WEEKLIES = 4/49 / TOTAL WEEKLIES = 4/49
    AP = 0 / TOTAL AP = 3
  15. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Your food looks so good and healthy, how do you make the hummus if you don't mind me asking?
  16. Laura Ann

    Laura Ann Member

    Not the way I'd like to make it lol....I miss the tahini and oil! Anyway:

    1 tin chickpeas - drained but retain the juice
    3 - 4 cloves garlic crushed
    Lemon juice
    1tsp cumin powder

    I roasted the chickpeas and cumin but you don't have to, take out and blitz with the garlic, adding in the lemon juice and chopped chives at the end, stir taste and add the reserved chickpea juice if you like to get a better consistency. I like mine fairly lemony. I am still trying to improve it but its tasty like this x
  17. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Thanks I'll have to make it I find it hard to get free things to put on bread and wraps and stuff sounds yummy!
  18. Laura Ann

    Laura Ann Member

    Aww hope you like it. I'd say if you roasted some red pepper and blitz that up with it too it'd be nice
  19. Loubyrnes

    Loubyrnes Full Member

    Hey hope you are still doing well! I'm going to make the hummus today can't wait! How long did you roast the chickpeas for?

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