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Learning a language

Devon Dolce

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I came to live in Spain28 years ago and did not speak Spanish. As a natural chatterbox who loves people I had to learn to speak Spanish and fast. I got myself a Spanish boyfriend........it worked !!! Not quite what you are looking for I know, sorry. I did have the BBC set of Spanish Language Lessons to help me on my way . They were quite good fun.

I now work part time as an interpreter,

Sue xx
We've just purchased Michel Thomas's French CD's on a recomendation. Were off to France twice this year, a long weekend for my birthday next month and then 18 days in summer holiday's.
It claims that in 8 hours you can speak basic French, I can still remember bits from school 20 years ago but want a bit more than that now. The plan is we'll listen to it as we drive there :D


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i went to live in italy for 3 months during my nurse training, lived with 3 italian guy students. never used an actual course, wish i had cos i had to learn the hard way! upside is i can swear really, really well in italian :D
At the moment I am learning Russian in a night class but the course is loosely based on the BBC Talk Russian course.

Ive been doing 2 hours a week since the end of September and now have a fair grasp on the basics and can speak it fairly fluently.

I absolutely adore it - so go for it people!
I've been trying on & off for several years now to learn Spanish. Slowly but surely it's sinking it, I've tried sooo many cd's & tapes & did go to class once but it ended after 8 weeks.

My problem is OH just won't practice with me & I've nobody else to 'talk' to & when we go to Spain they speak English:eek:

I'm currently doing the BBC Languages & finding it quite good & easy to learn. I especially like the links to TV programmes.


Mostly Harmless
I would like to begin by saying I hate languages, some people are naturals but not me :argh:

I have been living in Holland for some time now and I do speak (fluent) Dutch, but it took me several years of evening classes to do so.

I would like to applaud you guys it's great to see people taking the trouble to learn another language. :clap:

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