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Learning, learning, learning


I'm gutted by last weeks weigh in:cry:. Week 2, and yet again, no weight loss. I think I finally need to admit that I have a problem with cheese as it must be staling me.

I was a total child, and went on a 6 day carb fest :break_diet:. I have only just awoken, down, but not yet out!

I'm picking meself back up and getting back on the treadmill. I can see this is going to be a long, long haul, but ye gads, I'll get there!!

So this is day 1! Again!
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Hey you - you mena you didnt lose any weight week 1 or 2???

are you posting your menus so we can see?
Yep - not a 1lb! I've been posting on the what are you eating today thread, but what i think i was gdoing wrong was snacking on cheese. I'd eat my meals, and then if I wanted a snack, a chunk or two or three of cheese. Sometimes I'd also make a dessert out of creamcheese and lemon juice. I think this was stalling me - can't be sure of course but no weight loss at all for 2 weeks is, er, odd!


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you are only supposed to have 120g of cheese a day!


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Hey Neko, welcome to the diaries.

Why don't you try posting your days food in here and maybe we could then see a pattern for you where things are going awry. Also are you measuring to make sure you don't go over carbs? If not get them kitchen scales out! It may help.

Keep going though and pop in often for support x


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Yes good plan, post your menus here and we'll critique - in the nicest possible way :)

You may be one of the unlucky ones like Jim and I, we get stalled on cream and cheese - although the yellow stuff does sneak its way back into my food more often than it should :)


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Hiya ! I'm coming up to my 4th week with pitiful results and I think I've been a bit generous with the cheese too! I definately am trying to cut down a lot but it's really hard isn't it?
Hope you'll get rewarded with some nice pounds disappearing for your next weigh in to compensate for the missing cheesiness xx
Hi all!

Thanks for your words of encouragement!

Well, I've been wondering if it's the cheese or of it's excess fat in general. I don't know if anyone else saw the post in the other part of the forum (I wish I knew how to do a link....)

Anyway, I'm cutting cheese out for a while just to get things moving, as i can't think what else it could be.

Today I have been rather bad and defintiely not eaten enough...

B: Nothing
L: scrambled eggs, 1/2 tin tuna, 1/4 tin of corned beef. No veg!
D : nothing as yet - I imagine chicken and bok choi.

I'm going on holiday on Sunday for a week to Portugal so I need to start thinking about how to keep on track while on the hols...

Any tips would be appreciated!


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I'm sorry you've been having a tough time. All I can suggest for Hols is to hang in there...if you stick to clean and green where ever you can then you will at a minimum STs and then be set for a loss when you get home. Not just that - but it's great food too:)

Planes and airports are rubbish but the rest of the world fits - enjoy

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