Learning to eat...


Hi everyone!
I'll start with a bit of background history.
Have been a serial dieter for many years, and as each year and diet goes by have gor increasingly p*ssed of with my constant failures.:confused:

September 23rd 2005 I embarked on my life changing experience. I signed up for Lighter Life and 100 days of sole source. Despite putting 1stone 4lbs back on, I still firmly believe it was the best thing I have done for myself! I swapped to Cambridge diet (due to cost) 11/11/05.
I had a starting weight of 14stone 4lbs. The pounds fell away and by xmas I was buying size 12 knickers rather than size 18+:)
My confidence soared, I applied for a new job and got it!
Since January I have been on and off the programme and have come to the decision that I need to learn how to eat again. I have got the bulk of the weight gone and now need to slow things down and try not to punish myself to much.

I didn't do the maintencance proerly with CD! My fault not the programme. I'm sure if I had done things would be different. However spilt milk and all that ....weight is starting to creep up and I need to deal with it now before it gets too late!

I have done slimming world before and although I liked it, for an overeater it is no good been told you can eat unlimited amounts of things because we do! I would carry on until I felt like Monsieur Creosote in Monty Python about to explode. Then when in a situation where the red choices or the green choices weren't there it would be eat small amounts to keep the syns down. Now when you are used to Desperate Dan size portions you will feel deprived and rebel. ( I do the rebel bit well!!!:p )

So after much thought I've decided to give WW a try. I did it years ago after DS the elder was born (now 16). Since then the programme has changed a fair bit. I am hoping that it will give me enough gimmick value to keep me focused for this last batch of weight loss.

Also I did put my name down to do the Great South Run, Oct23rd. I am mindful that when I was doing a lot of running and sole source my hair was falling out in handfuls and the weight loss slowed down so I think I need to eat and learn how to eat properly again.

So monday is my first meeting and weigh in.
I feel quite relieved that i have made a decision and am quite excited about it!
So watch this space!!!!!!
Wishing you success on your Weight Watchers Journey!

Hi Jazzy,

I just wanted to wish you the best of success with learning how to eat and lose the rest of your weight with WW.

I loved reading your diary on DH and I look forward once again to popping in to see how you are getting on and to learn from you as you go...

You have done really well to date and hopefully now you will get the remainder sorted.

Love Mini xxx
well i wish you all the luck in the world, i know when i have finished cd, and gone through the steps i will be using a lot of weight watchers products to help me maintain my loss, and i think i might be using ww to lose the last half stone,
10th Sep (is there a date thingy on here?, I'm adding it cos I can't find one and I want to keeptrack of my posts)

So countdown to new start. I'm realy looking forward to it. Just been out and bought lots of fruit and veggies.
In fact I'm so excited that i have had to re-type almost everything as I keep putting all the letters back to front! Am I developing latent dyslexia????

It is my Mr Jazzyj's 40th next month. He said he really really didn't want a party! (me and the boys did though! Humph!) So we have been thinking what to do. Now my boys are 13 and 16 they class as adults for flights so a family long weekend away is not so cheap. I looked at Alton Towers and it came out as £1000 for 3 nights - B&B not all inclusive!!!! We only have the time for a weekend!
Nway I was looking at Center Parks and I know it is dear but I can take food & wine with us. I noticed that a coupleof weeks ago they were doing special offers for late Sept. So I thought maybe if I wait they may do the same for Oct! He He ha ha they have and I can save £100!!! I'm booking an executive one so it has a dishwasher and jacuzzi (best not get them mixed up!) I thought I could suggest to his mum that she buys him a massage session in the spa.
I think he'll be pleased as he likes to have time with his boys and it doesn't happen often. I'll have to take DS the younger out of school for half a day but I'm sure he won't mind !?!?
I've told him not to book any squash matches that weekend as we are doing things with him. Other than that I'm not telling him where we are going till we get there.
For my 40th birthday he took me to Barcelona which was lovely but also involved a tour around Barcelona's footie stadium!! Point being I won't feel guilty for having picked something that Imay enjoy too. After all I've had to put up with him for 21 years! Hee Hee!

Gawd don't I go on??? (answers not required!)
Anyway the reason I mention this is, I thought about going back to CD but I knew that there is no way that I wanted to be SSing for that weekend and that turned into "do I want to start and fail again?" Now that is no way to consider cd as I feel you have to totaly commmited 100%. So I thought if I could get enthused about eating healthy stuff in moderate portions again and combine it with exercise I may be able to shift a few pounds by Oct 6th and make healthy choices whilst away.

I went back to my Body Pump class yesterday and felt sooo much better. I've picked up a class timetable and I'm going to sit with my diary and plot when I'm going to do things. I even went for a 3 mile run the other day! That is shoking as I'ms upposed to be doing the Great South run and should be done 3 times that distance by now. Well I could probably do it but I'd crooked for the next few weeks and be able to do no more training! So must get my @rse in gear now!

Going to check the WW website again just to warm me up a bit more! I'll let you know how my first meeting goes when I get in 2morrow!

Bye 4 now xxx
Nice to read your thread,you sound so positive and ready to go good on you.
Hope your first meeting goes ok can not wait ti hear how it went.
love libbie x
Hi Jazzy

Lovely to hear how you're doing, missed you being around.

Reckon you'll do well with WW just steer clear of the no points system (Ithink that's what it's called) I couldn't control myself with it the same as SW. I just lose it around food if somebody says unlimited, I take it very much to heart!!

Well done on getting back into your exercise,I've just sat with my gym timetable and done the same.....all on paper so far:D As always you put me to shame with your running, I still can't run further than the end of a very short road!

Keep us posted.
Sept 12th

Well off I trotted to my first WW meeting in years. I haven't gone for a local one as the leaders are the same ones whcih didn'tinspre me last time. One of my good friends highly reccommended this one as she tells it like it is but also realises we aren't robots and there are slip ups and challenges.
My mate fancied going as well so I waited for her in the car park. For those 10 minutes waiting, I was astonished at how many people go and pay their money and not stay for the meeting. why not pay 20p in Boots for the same support?

Anyway I was quite pleased as the starting damage wasn't too bad. I thought I was 12st 9 but I was 12st 6.5. When I've worked out how to change my ticker I will put that at the correct amount.

The leader seemed fine and her talk was good and I left feeling motivated.

The programme booklet is very good with lots of cognitive stuff to work on.

So end of day one and I've not cheated once.:p I still have some points left which I will save up for the weekend.
I've realised that I have spend so much time cheating myself on other diets by purposely not writing everyting down to make my sheet better. So this time if I have blip it all has to go down so that I can look at it towork out why I did it and how to avoid it next time. We all know that is what we should do, and in my heart I know that ignoring this has played a big part in me not feeling I could succeed in a diet.
Ok i've got early day positiveness and it may not last but I best make the most of it while it is!!

Ny way off to bed, for my beauty sleep is sadly depleted of late!
14th sept

I know many people on minimins are still doing VLCDs so I don't want to harp on aout food too much. However, I don't think anyone will dispute that VLCDs require massive determination and hats off to all those who can keep going for a long time. Yet, removing food from the equation has to be the big plus. You know you aren't going to eat so you don't have to do any planning for yourself and cooking for the family is easier as you don't have to make any compromises for your food v theirs.

I'd totaly forgotten how when dieting you become so focused, initialy anyway, on your food planning. You have to in order to make sure it works.

Normaly I would get fed up with this so at the moment I'm making the most of still being enthused.

I'm also finding myself thinking about things so differently from previous diets. Things like recognising the "chatterbox" and "am I hungry or is it emotionsl hunger" or "am I thirsty, drink a pint of water and see how you feel then" So far so good!
I'm trying to get back to my 4 litres of water a day as I know that this will help with all not just VLCDs.

Absolutely bucketing it down in Sunny!?! Pompey this morning. I was going to wash and wax my car as well. :rolleyes: Oh well there is always later. I'll just have to tackle that mountain of ironing instead!
Hi Jazzyj,

I did the new point system and I do think it is wonderful, just I lost so slowly on it, husband did very well...men do, don't they if they really stick with it...

We both did the diet together and what I found was that it truly is very educational and I too can not understand why you would pay your money to be weighed and not stay for the class???

Because of WW I find that we have change our whole way of shopping and don't ever buy somethings anymore because we became aware of the crap they were putting into our food and by reading the labels we know what to avoid...we never buy anything now without reading what it contains...after all this is what we are putting into our bodies...:eek:

Have to say we are very good!!! You will probably find now you do the same...this is where I found the classes really helped in educating me...I already knew plenty but was surpised how much more I learnt...

Nearly went mental counting points:rolleyes: now I do automatically almost with some things...I can never justify eating a sausage anymore, five or six points they are just not worth it!!!

love the way Quorn have presented their nutritional information. They have the nutritional values of their sausages and the nutritional values of the average meat sausage - so I will include both these and the WW points for your perusal:

Pork Sausages per 100g (2 sausages) -

Energy - 309 kcal
Carbohydrate - 9.6g
Sat Fat - 9.2g
(6½ Weight Watchers Points)

QUORN Sausages per 100g (2 sausages) -

Energy - 109 kcal
Carbohydrate - 4.5g
Sat Fat - 0.6 g
(1½ Weight Watchers Points)

Amazingly, you could eat a whole 300g box of 6 Quorn sausages and still be a massive 2 Points under what a mere two pork sausages would equal in fat. The Quorn sausages don’t shrivel or lose any of their size in cooking either... The most I have ever been able to eat was three. They are so filling!

Quorn sausages - Review - How Does YOUR Sausage Measure Up?

Interesting about Quorn sausages?

Love Mini xxx
17th September Blimp City

Have woken up feeling a big as a blimp!
It is weigh in day tommorow and I feel like I've put on!:eek:

I think I've been doing the points properly but maybe I've missed something!
Earlier in the week I was feeling very positive and felt alo better and in control now I'm not too sure!

How bad am I going to feel when i stand on the scales and she says "oh you've had a gain on your first week did you expect that?"

I'll have al look at my sheet and see what i ate yesterday that maybe hasn't helped!
I know I had toast, so maybe I'm even more sensitive to bread since VLCD. But surely it can't just be that?

I'm going to glug a few pints of water as I feel very dehydrated this morning. Maybe that is linked in with it.

I feel like I have a hangover! :mad:
Did go out thought last night! Went to a friends housewarming and there was a massive buffet and loads of booze flowing and I had a diet lemonade and not a bite to eat. Didn't miss it either. I've quite got used to being designated driver and not drinking. 12 months ago pre VLCD I would have p*ssed myself laughing at the thought of me going out and not drinking! There is no way I'd have considered it! Taxi would have been booked. I always thought the friends I had who were happy to go and and not drink were odd!:rolleyes:
Oh well Odd ball signing off:p
I know I had toast, so maybe I'm even more sensitive to bread since VLCD. But surely it can't just be that?

When I was doing the CD stabilising bit, I put on 4lbs when I got to the bread bit.

I didn't do the bread the next day, and lost it. Then I did it again, and blow me down with a feather...ruddy 4lbs came back on.

So, I stopped bread for a while. Now I can seem to eat without a problem:)

Okay....I say without a problem..toast can only seemed to be eaten in loaf quantities:eek:

There again, perhaps you're body is just having one of those fluctuations.

Perhaps you could leave out the bread until after you get weighed and then gradually introduce it?

Hats off to you for not eating when you went out. Fab willpower!:cool:
19th Sept - Phew!

Went for weigh in and lost 1.5lbs. Not quite the same as 10lbs with Cambridge Diet but hey better on than off!

As I said earlier I did feel totaly bloated and am pleased that I lost. I still feel enthused and I'm going to be even more careful and make sure that I'm being honest with myself. Also need to get some exercise going. I had plans for lots last week and nothing came of it!

Going to wash and wax my little car today and put it in free ads. OH has bought a van so i can have the family car back.
Hopefuly I'll get enough to pay for some treats at Centre Parks next month. I had told boys that we would only be doing what is free to keep it cheap.

Ok offI go while enthused!
Went for weigh in and lost 1.5lbs. Not quite the same as 10lbs with Cambridge Diet but hey better on than off!

As I said earlier I did feel totaly bloated and am pleased that I lost. I still feel enthused and I'm going to be even more careful and make sure that I'm being honest with myself. Also need to get some exercise going. I had plans for lots last week and nothing came of it!

Going to wash and wax my little car today and put it in free ads. OH has bought a van so i can have the family car back.
Hopefully I'll get enough to pay for some treats at Centre Parks next month. I had told boys that we would only be doing what is free to keep it cheap.

Ok offI go while enthused!

Congratulations Jazzyj,

1.5lbs. is a very good weight loss with WW!!!

The bloated feeling is definitely coming from white bread as it does the same to me and also gives me a hang over feeling.

Water is still key to any diet and your body will retain if it is not getting enough and by the time you feel thirsty you are already dehydrated.

I don't think vlcd makes us more sensitive to carbs when we come of it, but I would think more aware as we can feel the ill effects of it very quickly and white processed flour especially I would find, it steals my energy.

How many points are you on???

Love Mini xxx
Thanks for the support Mini! Wahat would I do with out my trusty cyber mates?

I was on 22 but I think if I'm honest I should be on 20 as I'm not as active as I keep intending to be if you know what I mean!?!?

I still had points left last week so shouldn't be too much of a problem just psychological.

Anyway car clean and photos taken and ad placed.
One of my neighbours came out when i was taking pics, she shouted out references to me taking photographic evidence of having cleaned my car as she hadn't seen it done before! Cheeky moo, but right! Tee Hee
Sept 21st Bewitched!

The sun is shining and I'm having a positive mood swing again. I really need to get some exercise done but I seem to be swamped with OH's accounts. I keep thinking if I can get on top of it things will become easier. It is that getting on top of it that would be good!

I often wish I could be like Samantha in Bewitched and wiggle my nose and make everything stop while i catch up. How cool would that be?
Oh the hours I've wasted daydreaming about having that power! I'm talking back to primary school days as well!!!
I used to wish I could make everyone stop and then move things about to disorientate them when I brought tem back to life hee hee!:p :p
Hi Jazzy,

I love 'Bewitched' went to see the film and it was very flat:(

My car could do with a good cleaning!!!

I am still waiting for the mats I was promised when I bought it...

It is good to hear that WW is going well for you, how are you finding the hunger or are you managing fine on those points?

My husband got so use to doing the points I think he does it automatically now...he is cooking for himself and is doing a great job of it.

I have gone off cooking in the last few months, well this is my excuse and the husband is loving it and he is getting very creative I must say.

Good luck with getting a good price for your car:)

When I think how attached I was to my old polo and now I think what a silly old fool I was...I just love my new polo:D

What are you thinking of buying?

Love Mini xxx
24th September

Hi Mini!
WW is going fine. Well I think it is, the scales will tell more later:p .
I have been shocked by my own attitude though. For the first time ever I seem tobe stopping and thinking about what I want to eat and how best it will fit in with the points. Before I have stuck my fingers in my ears and not listened to myself thinking I'll work the points out later and borrow from tommorow or go for a big run. Then as we all know the big run does'nt happen and you tell yourself that no way are you living off free veg soup for a day and then you rebel! Maybe 100+ days of VLCD has made me realise that a day of free veg soup wasn't too bad!!??!!

Everyone in the house seem to be making individual fry ups (no team work there!) No one asked me if I wanted anything, however I was reasonable confident that I would say no. Now the thing is... it wasn't because I was being good on the diet, I didn't fancy it and wasn't very hungry so I had ryvitas laughing cow cheese and an apple and a big cup of coffee.;) In my previous self it wouldn't have mattered that I didn't fancy it , I would have eaten it because it was food on offer!

Thursday night I'd booked special preview tickets for a Girls Night at our cinema. They were showing The Devil Wears Prada . Inckuded in the £10 ticket was a can of diet coke, L'Oreal kiss proof lipstick and lip gloss, bottle of Oasis, bar of galaxy, The Devil Wears Prada paperback glittery stick on tatoo and entry to a draw for trip to New York and a big tub of popcorn. Me and my mates were very pleaseed with our goody bag. They all laughed at me though! I knew I didn't fancy popcorn so I emptied my goodiesinto my hand bag then put the popcorn in the carrier bag and tied the handles so I could take it home for DS the younger;) . Polish my halo! What is that???? Not so Fast Jazzy!!!!!!!!

Ok you haven't forgotten ...neither did I!
The bar of galaxy! I had worked my points in advance to leave enough for popcorn if I crumbled. However I waited until I got home made a big cup of coffee and worked out the poits of the bar and it was 5.5:) :) I had 8 points left. So I made the coffee with milk like a Latte, sat on the settee, put my feet up and savoured every last bit of the galaxy and the coffee. No guilt needed. I then went off to bed having had a good evening.
Oh the film was good and made me feel very pleased that i buy my clothes in Asda, Tesco and Primark and am not involved in the bitchy hi-fashion industry.

Oh talking of which...you know how in Primark there seems to be an army of women who go in and think i don't like that and throw it on the floor making it a total mess and lots of work for others!?!!?:eek:

Well I was shocked to see that when the lights went on after the film all these grown women and left their popcorn on the floor. Not just still in tubs but kicked over the carpets and down the steps! All their rubbish just left there. Am I the only one to think that is digusting!? Why couldn't they pick it up and bin it on the way out? If I hadn't known better I would have said that it had been full of naughty school kids. As the film was a special viewing for a Girls Night, there weren't any kids! Your faith in people does falter at times!

Have only had 1 call about my little car:( . Got asked the most odd questions and if I could provide the last 6 MOT certificates! I told him I had only had the car since January so only had its past and present ones. He said I wanted them so he could check the milage. I did say that as it is 129,000 on the clock maybe i would falsified it a bit more for a better number if that was the case!!
He asked why I was selling it. That is ok but he didn't like my reply. I explained my husband had bought a van so I could now have the family car back which is more suited for our needs as it is bigger and it is hard to fit 6' teenagers and the food shop in on a regular basis. He wanted to know why I didn't sell the family car instead. Bless! Guess the ad will have to run a bit longer!!

Absolutely gorgeous today. Just off to peg some washing out. :) Will be the last for a while as I've just discovered the drum has come off something and I'll have toget the Wash/machine repair man out!:mad: :(

Have a nice rest of the weekend everyone:cool: ;) :D
25th September

Mmm! Weigh day today butr unfortunately I have to work tonight. Next weigh in I can get to is Weds evening so it will all be a bit odd as in theory I should have a better loss due to 2 extra days. I fdo feel like I should have lost but not much, my own fault I've not done enough exercise this week. I need to get more active!
That is my goal for the week, more movement less moaning!;)
Your doing good Jazzy and you deserve a good weight loss on Wednesday!

Love Mini xxx
Morning Jazzy
Just read you post about your night out,Think you were great not eating the popcorn,I was enjoying your coffee and choc with you as I read,much better then eating it while watching the film and not even knowing you had or enjoyed the taste.
You are doing so well you deserve a good weightloss on Wednesday.
I can relate to you fryup thing,since doing CD when on aam or 790 as I am at moment I have started thinking about what is on the plate and if I feel full then I stop eating no matter how nice it is,in the past I would have had it all because it was to nice to leave.Hopefully that will stay with me once eating again and help keep weight off.
Really enjoyed reading your post,keep up the good work.