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Leaving SW

Hi all, I'm really sad to say this but I'm leaving SW for a little while..... I love the plan but I lose my job in 2 weeks, and can't afford the £40 in costs me at class every month and the extra £50 per week it costs me in food.... It's only for a little while.

I'm gonna be counting caloriezs and watching what i'm eating.......

I'll make sure I keep in touch... and i just wanted to say the biggest thank you to everyone here :D

You have given me so much inspiration, support and help... I dont know what i'm gonna do without you guys!!

And dont worry the day i start classes again Ill be back on here full time annoying the hell outta ya and reading poo threads!

All my love

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Oh that's such a shame hun. How come it's £40 a month? Should only be £20 (less with a countdown....). Could you not buy a countdown before your job finishes to tide you over until better times?
Whatever works for you though, it's just a shame to see you leave SW. Good luck and stick with us, your posts are great.
sorry to hear that good luck and hope to see you back soon x


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Hi Kissme,

I was so sad when I saw your post, I live in Turkey and do the plan at home, I have old books and downloaded some stuff thru bittorrent too.

SW can be done completely on a budget and you can plan the diet around your allowance completely, I live in about £20 a week for food, I never buy red meat, I use dried soya mince (TVP) cos its cheaper than quorn things, I bulk cook and freeze.

I think if you buy all the convenience things that fit into SW diet then it can cost a small fortune, those things arent available to me here so I have to compromise and believe me it can be done and is probably the cheapest diet to follow cos you are just eating normal foods.

If you want to talk about the meals that I would recommend just tell me, it would be a real shame to see you go off plan and to something that means you can eat loats of unhealthy food just cos its low in cals....

Claire xx
hey gorgeous. Im so sorry to hear about your job hon, thats really poo.

i totally understand what your saying, but dont leave us on here just because you wont be neccisarly following the sw plan.. we love having you around

Aww thanks for all your kind words people! I really dont wanna leave.... jaylou its £40 as both me and my OH go...... I'm definatly gonna hang around. Tbh I'm just panicing about money, I always do this when some thing changes finacially I say we cant afford anything and then it turns out we can.

I have so much going on at the second that I'm trying to sort out our finances so we can carry on doing it.

I spend alot more on food when i work as it dont really get the time to prepare stuff as much as i like but as i wont have a job I'll have all the time in the world!!!

I just dont want you guys to see me not following plan and hanging around and thinkin of me as a fraud!!

Good Luck hun xxx
You will be fine Kissme....loads of time to try new recipes and make things from scratch which is generally cheaper anyways....I work 6 days a week here and its hard to fit time in for cooking and stuff but forward planning is the key.....I now have a weekly menu planner (copy attached) with a shopping list....means I only buy what I need and therefore stay within budget.

Good luck chuck x


well I'm gonna go home and talk to my OH tonight, and see what he says....you guys have really helped! I honestly thought giving it up was the best thing.

I have only quit for 2 days and I have guts ache already!!

I'll just have to shop more thriftily! but i might stop going to class so I may need you guys more than ever!!!

lol the syn values subsection will be full of posts from me!!
Im usually quite good at planning my meals but then can never stick to it because something always crops up!!

I work 5 days a week at my job 39 hours then for example this week I worked monday night 5.15 till 10.15

and then on friday Im working my usual full day at work 8.30 till 5 then i have my mates kids for 16 hours untill saturday after noon and then my other mates kids from 6pm sat till 3 am sunday!

I'm just finding thing really hard atm!
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Just spoken to my OH and he has renewed my subsciption for WW (9.99 a month) grrr.

He thought he was doing the right thing!

I'll still hang around here tho!

He bought it for me as i was so upset about quitting sw!!


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Dont goooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! you can still come on here cnt you buy some scales from argos for a fiver and weight at home once a week?? x


Never gets tired of SW!
Oh noooooo Kissme, you keep me going with all your humorous comments!!! You've been so much fun!! Sorry to hear about your job- I understand what you're saying about the financial side of things, but can't you just try and follow the plan and stay here and chat to us?!!?!? I really hope you're not going for long, and will be back in a jiffy!! Good luck with finding a new job hun!! Please keep in touch!XXX

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