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Not sure but would wonder about the lemon content pushing you out of ketosis.
I took paracetamol caplets - these are the ones that are not covered with any kind of coating.
I had a cold during my first week on CD restart and the paracetamol, plenty of rest and fluids.


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dont think so lemon a no no hope you feel better soon


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Nooo you should really. Do you have the water flavourings yet? The orange one hot with a couple of parac, is a great alternative to lemsip


An Attitude of Gratitude
Ok, no lempsip then. Will have hot water with the orange flavouring.
Thanks for your replies.


please try again
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i have warm water with some water flavoring and 2 disolvable paracetamol in it, works for me, lol
No way, it's full of sugar and citric acid and other demon stuff. The only active ingredients are paracetamol (which you can just swallow) and a decongestant. You could get some Olbas Oil on a tissue to sniff, or one of those Vicks vapour sticks you stuff up your nose instead. It's so horrid being ill on this diet though :( It's hard to be good and virtuous when you feel rubbish!


An Attitude of Gratitude
It's so horrid being ill on this diet though :( It's hard to be good and virtuous when you feel rubbish!
I've no appetite anyway just now, so that's at least one good thing. No sense of taste either.


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Be better soon Dis.

Paracetamol is the main bit in a lemsip, the hot drink bit is just for comfort I think... hope the drink flavouring makes a good substitute. Snuggle in and take care.


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