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Let the slim down......start!

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting - Diaries' started by Tootsy, 19 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. Tootsy

    Tootsy Well-Known Member

    Evening everyone, Been lurking around the posts for a while, I was considering doing a vlcd with the packs but have decided to try calorie counting instead first. I weighed in at 15st 8lbs this is the most i have weighed in years :-(. I go on holiday in October, none of my clothes fit and I'm sick of feeling rubbish.
    So it's time to get my finger out and lose some weight, I have downloaded my fitness pal and once I have worked out how to use it I think it will help keep me on track.

    Look forward to sharing everyone's journey

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  3. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Well-Known Member

    Good luck. If you need any help give us a shout.

    Just to let you know myfitnesspal has a habit of trying to starve people. Find another website to work out how many calories you should be eating.

    I like this one: http://scoobysworkshop.com/calorie-calculator/

    Eat more and move more to avoid ruining your metabolism. Give it all you got!!! Xxx

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  4. Tootsy

    Tootsy Well-Known Member

    Thank you, looks like a good site also , Well day two is under way

    Lunch - carrot and ginger soup Mango, necterine, raspberry fruit salad

    Dinner - quiche Lorraine, new potatoes and salad (lettuce, tom, cucumber, red pepper and beetroot)

    Snacks - apple, Nairn oat snacks Need to work on my water/fluid intake but done not to bad today
    Last edited: 20 August 2014
  5. Tootsy

    Tootsy Well-Known Member

    Day 3 was not so bad - apart from ending up at the dr and getting anti biotics is stuck to plan even had a wee chocolate biscuit buy only the one and it was counted in my calories for the day lol

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