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Let's get it off ............

Discussion in 'Slim and Save - Diaries' started by Butterball_101, 5 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Butterball_101

    Butterball_101 Full Member

    Hi everyone

    I’m just starting week 2 on S&S after a great week on the starter pack. There were only two products that I didn’t even try (café latte and porridge) as I knew they wouldn’t be for me.

    Everything else was lovely and my four week supply arrived yesterday filled with my favourites.

    I lost 3 stone on CWP about 18 months ago and have been trying to get back on it ever since but with no success and just wasting money on the products. It’s so true what everybody says about second time round being so much harder, I just never could get back into the right head space.

    After reading good things about S&S I decided to give it a go and, whaddya know, I’m back in the game. Probably because it’s a new thing and wanting to give it a fair shot, I’ve been sticking pretty much to plan and lost 7lbs in the first week.

    I say pretty much to plan because I find weekends the hardest and did tuck into roast chicken over those two days. The meat only though, I got a cooked one from Tesco and removed all the skin and just picked at the flesh throughout the day. Although I didn’t go overboard on the carbs, the cal intake was over so I wasn’t too surprised not to lose any more than half a stone.

    Still, pretty happy with that and looking forward to week 2.

    I hope everyone’s doing great. We can do this!

    Last edited: 5 February 2014
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  3. Butterball_101

    Butterball_101 Full Member

    Ooops, the title should be Let's get it off, not if!! Moderator, please can you change that?? Thanks x
  4. Butterball_101

    Butterball_101 Full Member

    Thanks cavegirl:)
  5. ClaireCat

    ClaireCat On a mission for boobs!

    Hello! Here to subscribe!

    I also did CWP a few years ago but I hated everything apart from the chocolate tetras - I didn't mind a couple of the bars, but they did not agree with my tummy. Made me poo jelly! haha!

    Sorry....that was more information than anyone ever needed, ever. Haha!

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