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Let's get Susan Boyle on CD!! :D


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Susan Boyle ('Britain's Got Talent' potential winner) says in the papers today, "I will need to sort out my dress sense and my weight. It wasn't until I saw myself on TV that I realised how frumpy I was".

Where's her nearest CDC!! She/he should be hotfooting it round there now! Imagine the great publicity - a slimmed-down Susan on finals day, with CD taking the credit! :D:D

Only kidding - but why don't CD seek more publicity? This would be a fab opportunity for them, but they always seem to miss them, don't they? Why didn't they get to Fern Britton before she had a gastric band fitted?! I've heard rumours that Gok Wan came down from 20 stone on CD, but never heard the truth on this - but I'm very surprised that no-one is taking the credit for that!
:eek: (The most I've ever heard him say about it is that he lost all his weight on 'a crazy diet' - could easily be CD, lol! :crazy:)
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I'm not sure either but I tend to believe in things that are not heavily advertised, they seem to work better.. just wish I'd known about CD ages ago though, It's the best diet ever!!!


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
LOL....Totally :) I know what u mean. Does cd have a magazine??
It does - but it's only available from CDCs and not on newsstands (unlike the LL mag).

See what I mean? They're hiding their light under a bushel (as my granny used to say)! :)

Have just sent Gok a message on Facebook and asked him!!!!:D
Whoah - keep us posted!! :eek: :D
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I agree that the mag should be more freely available. My CDC never has any but says I can 'have a look through hers' while I am there!! I sometimes buy LL which is silly really coz the money is going into LL's pockets. Also I see a lot of LL adverts in mags etc. advertising their product. CD should do similar.


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
Have just sent Gok a message on Facebook and asked him!!!!:D
How do you know which is the real Gok? (I've just looked and there seem to be lots on there, lol!) I guess the most likely is the one where he only allows friends to access his page. Can't wait to hear if you get a reply - but he does seem to be a bit secretive about it! :secret:


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
i think CD is cheaper than a lot of the alternatives because it doesn't spend loads of money on advertising...
Agreed - but there is a happy medium, and I think that CD go too far the other way! (Also - at the end of the day, doesn't every company want to make money?:confused::confused:)
I heard thats how Gok lost his weight too, from a friend who knows a friend who knows him, lol but i'm sure i read about it somewhere too.x

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