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Lets get together - staffordshire meet up!

Hi all,

I live in Staffordshire and my social calendar is embarrassingly empty for the next few weeks! Does anyone fancy joining me and my other half for a drink or a coffee somewhere in the area?

My new years resolution is to meet new people, a lot of my old friends have moved away so I'm trying to make new buddies!

Elissa :)
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I live in Stourbridge.. I used to comute to Tamworth every day for work for about 6 months... do-able in about 40 mins..
I wired up the car park and outside lights for what was "The Big W"..
I think it's M&S now? back of the supermarket?

errr.. not that I'm stalking you or anything...
Birmingham sounds good, as it's easy to get to.:D
May I make a suggestion? When you make your specific arrangements for a meeting, do it by private message or by email. This is a public forum that anyone can read, and you need to keep control over who turns up?
Good point RegField, will bear that it mind. ;)

I live near Stafford so most places are commutable, Birmingham seems a reasonable place I reckon, nice and easy on the train for most.

I'll leave the post up for a bit to see if any more people are interested, then we can start PM'ing the specifics. :D
Ok I'm confused. I was sure I clicked 'send' on the private message to you all but now I have nothing in my 'sentbox'. Have you all got a message regarding date/time? :confused:

Vegemite, I can't PM you I'm afraid, you don't have enough posts to allow me to do that. Get chatting and up your post count! ;)

Will pop back in a few days to see if my messaging worked.
but what would we do? an hour in the pub drinking diet pop.. then what?
is there a SW butcher in birmingham? we could do a mass SW shop.. :)
I did think bowling would be a nice activity but I didn't want to make people spend too much money for the first meet up. I'm quite happy to do an activity though, I just didn't want to put on people with the travel expense etc. If you'd all prefer something to be arranged then speak up!

Just to check with everyone, is Birmingham the best place? Derby is very easy for me too so I'm quite happy to move it if it makes it easier. (Bear with me, I'm rubbish with maps I don't know where everything is!) :p

is there a bowling place near new street?
I love bowling.. but you may have to book a lane or two in advance on a saturday..
there's an ice rink near there.. ;) :D ...

ah well there used to be.. also says it was a bowling alley at some point but looks like it's shut now..

there's always the bull ring for some shopping, but an activity would be better..
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Do you mean the leisure box? I called the number and the prices for bowling are on the answer phone thingy so I think it's still open. I think we're settled on going there, it's not too far from the station by the looks of it and bowling is fun!

We really won't need a couple of lanes though - so far only you and welshgirl seem interested! That would make 4 of us if I drag my Neil along too. One other person has replied to say they're not free but everyone else seems to be overlooking my PM. Being invisible is quite a skill I have apparently. :sigh: It's fair enough if people have been offline, but a reply to say 'no thanks' would be the polite thing to do. :( (I'm in bed with a horrible cold so I'm probably just feeling sorry for myself!)

At least Neil will have a bloke to chat to, he was getting a bit worried it'd be a girly day out so he's more keen on the idea thanks to you ColJack!

The answer phone doesn't have an option to book a lane - I presume we just turn up?
when was it planned again?

do we plan on having a look round the market while we're there? see if we can snag a bargain if we bulk buy and split it up? :)
lots fo butchers and fishmongers in there..