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'Let's have a bit of fun'.....What's your favourite


Slow but sure....
SANDWICH :drool:.......I will allow you a very favourite one, and a nearly favourite one , plus your most hated sandwich too......

Also you can name a sarnie that you would eat every day if it was on the SW FREE list.


So my favourite is a Wholemeal Egg and Cress sandwich - love em!!! :)

My nearly favourite is a Wholemeal BLT (some have bacon that is very fatty and rubbery)

My hated sandwich is a White Cheese and pickle sandwich......blargh!!!!! all rubbery cheese and white bread!!! :yuk:

And the sandwich I would eat if it was on the SW Free list - 'A Chip buttie', yum, yum......:gimi:

So what are your like's and dislike's in the 'butty' department...
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My fave is Wholemeal cheese & pickle!!!

My nearly fave is white bread egg & cress! Yummm!

And my most hated is... those horrible white bread with cheese and onion, and all that sickly mayo saucey rubbish! Ergh!! I'd rather eat a raw onion!

I too would settle for a chip butty (with cheese of course!) if it was free... Yum!!!!!!!!!!! x
Fave one is wholemeal bap with warm pork and stuffing/apple sauce.

Nearly favourite ..... banana buttie on brown (maybe a little odd, but I dooo love my 'nana butties)

My hated .... hhmmm as a kid I once had a honey butty (on white) at a friends house and it was gross but I forced it down and felt sick for the rest of the day!

If it were free - fish finger sarnie, on brown, with Tommy K ......oh yes, I'm drooling now!!


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Don't do sarnies very often but my favourite has to be :- Brie, Bacon
& redcurrant jelly panini.... Toasted so the cheese goes gooey! About 1 million zillion syns lol!

Oh and I like fish/fishfinger butties!


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My favourite sandwhich would be warm roast turkey, stuffing and mayo on a freshly cooked white baguette (with bacon crisps)

My nearly favourite is fish fingers with bbq sauce in white bread

My worst would be a marmite sandwhich or anything with pickle

If it was free every day i would have a herb and cheese subway with chicken, cheese, lettuce onion and chili sauce.
Favourite - Tahini spread (4 teaspoons tahini mixed with 1 teaspoon of soy sauce) and lettuce.

Second favourite - Edam cheese, smoked ham and lettuce.

Least favourite - anything with mayonnaise (which rules out most sandwich shop offerings!), anything with pickle, and definitely anything with raw red onion!

And tomatoes in a sandwich only if it is to be eaten straight away. Can't abide sogginess!!!
mmm fav sarnie is smoked salmon and cream cheese,

second fav is corned beef and tomato on white mmmm

worst sandwich are the 'good for you' kinds of sandwich which keeps the cals down by putting half the filling in lol
My on plan fave is ham, cheese, salad & light mayo. 2nd is mozerella, tomato & basil. Also love cheese n pickle toasties.

My naughty favourite is smoked salmon & cream cheese (lots) bagel.

When i was at uni i used to love salt nv vinegar crisps & crunchy peanut butter sarnies on white bread!!!

I hate BLT and egg mayo
mmmmm....great yet mean thread donnie!

My fave sandwich is chunky ham on a white baguette with butter and crisps on the side.

Second fave = white bread stuffed with fishfingers and ketchup!

If I could have a syn-free sarnie it would be.........(while deciding on an answer i was thinking chip butty, sausage and egg sarnie, ham sandiwich....all free depending on HEX and which day...)

so il go for fishfinger sarnie. with fishfingers on the side :D

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