Lets hope it continues!


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Hi guys! SO, I started slimming world on saturday, now its tuesday and unfortunately I can't afford to go to group right now at least for a few weeks anyway. ANYWAY, I'm terrible at waiting so I got on the scales today and I can't believe I've lost 4lbs already! I havent felt hungry at all and feel very energetic!

I dunno who else feels the same but when i was tucking into an omlette this mornign I was finding it hard to imagine how I ate all the crap I used to before like a big bacon sandwich in fat and other rubbish! It just makes me feel sick to think of it now!

Anyway, just had to vent cos im so happy with the loss in 3 days!!! lets hope it carrys on! xxx

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Fabulous :)
I really hope it continues and no reason why it won't even if you're not at group.

Good luck :)
Hayley xxx


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It's great that you are so in the zone and enjoying SW, but I wouldn't count too much on what the scales have said. Your weight will fluctuate naturally from day to day and over the course of the day so at your officially weigh-in don't be too disappointed if it's less than 4lb.

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Hey Hun...well done. Even though you may not be able to go to class at the moment, I would stick to the time and day as your own "official" weigh in at home so that you have a true reading.
I do the plan on my own, dont go to class and dont have access to SW website as I cant afford it. I have managed to do alright...if I can do it, then anyone can!

Good luck.