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Lets talk abt men !

These days we r mostly thinking of what to eat , weightless goals etc so let's talk abt another important thing in our lives ... MEN

So girls what r the habits you don't like n what you want to change if given magic wand ?

I was reading this book MEN R From mars n women from Venus , it was ticking all boxes

So I ll initiate , I want him to talk n solve the issues rather being quite or trying to avoid tht topic n being Lovy dovy

What's urs ;)

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I want my OH not to compare my housework, cleaning etc to my sister in laws ..and say that I don't measure up!

Makes me feel crap and useless.. He thinks it will make me want to be better like they are if he tells me I need to get better.. Ok when 1st married it did - now 8 years later I had enough! I can't force myself to be like my obsessed sister in law about cleaning! It makes me depressed that I will never achieve his high standards.. So what the point! House is tidy.. Just not perfectly dust and finger mark free.. Always washing/ ironing to do. When he makes me feel crap! I don't do it.. Vicious circle I know.. Then because I have got behind.. I think I can't catch up.. Get over whelmed.. Depressed blah blah etc..


Not such a fat kat now :)
Get him to do it then! That way he can work out for himself that it takes too much work and effort and that there's more to life than gleaming furniture.
Just tell yourself that its the only thing she's good at and that her life is empty and shallow.
Then tell your hubby to shut up or go and live there instead. He would soon come home ! :) neurosis is hard to live with :)

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It bugs me when he *****es that I have done nothing productive with my day, when I don'tthink he realises how much I wish I could do but since loosing most my sight over the past 18 months is difficult for me to do.

Bugs me when I tidy up and clean the work tops down or do washing up only for him to go get a glass or plate or whatever n grump that they arent 100% spotless - um duh I am blind!!

Bugs me when he expects me to do all the laundry yet he wears half the clothes is he alergic to putting said clothes in the washing machine, adding powder n hitting the on switch?

and finally bugs me no end to find his boxer shorts on the bathroom floor!!
Ahah amazingly my situation is the same, with 2 kids he wants the home clean as singles on top no cooperation , dono y they can't put dirty clothes in laundry basket, it has to lie on the floor as a evidence where he changed clothes :)

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At least leaving on the floor is "proof" that they haven't done the boy thing of wear boxers one way, reverse the next then turn inside out!!
For me it is socks left every where.. I think it might be an inherited thing as my oldest son puts his clothes in wash basket but is blind about picking up his socks!
Mr MeltingButter leaves his socks everywhere I found some INSIDE the sofa last week!! - no clue, other random places found are under the dinning table and on a bookcase!! Think he is loosing his marbles at nearly 31!! Then he whinges that he has no clean socks or can't find any socks, erm well put them to wash n you will have some.


Not such a fat kat now :)
And they leave them as sock balls! So that you have to peel them apart and risk getting some disease as they fly open :( :(

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lol lol lol... what you bloody lot like??.. the "sock ball" is like a trophy! and comes from the amazing result of being able to take both socks off using just ya toes!.. must say im an expert, but as always get little praise!!.. lol lol x

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