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Lidyl syns??!!

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by jlidgy, 18 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. jlidgy

    jlidgy Member

    Hi people! Does anyone know how many syns are in the lidyl 0% fat natural yogurt 125g tub?! I've done weight watchers before and they had a calculator to work out ' point ' values, does SW have anything similar? If not how do you work out the syn value, thanks! X
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  3. WannabeThinna

    WannabeThinna Full Member

    [TD="class: ProductRow"]Linessa Fat Free Natural Yogurt , per 100g[/TD]
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    There are "syns online" tools on the SW website, where you can look up individual items, like the yogurt, or if something isn't listed there is a syns calculator where you can enter the nutritional info and it will tell you the syns. Failing that, there is a basic rule of 20 calories = 1 syn (many foods have a free allowance in them, for example the pasta part of a macaroni cheese would class as free, so the 20 cals = 1 syn is less reliable than the syns calculator on the website).
  4. jlidgy

    jlidgy Member

    Thanks you! If 1 syn = 20 cals what weight is that for or is it per portion size? I'm debating wether or not to join x
  5. WannabeThinna

    WannabeThinna Full Member

    It's not for any particular weight or portion. Sticking with the macaroni cheese example, if a Sainsburys mac n cheese was 380 cals that would equate as 19 syns, whereas if Asdas was 460 cals that would be 23 syns. The problem with using this rule is it doesn't take account of the foods that are free on SW. On EE and green plans pasta is a free food so the syns for a mac n cheese would actually be lower than the result you get from the 20 cal rule.

    Looking at the nutritional info on the pack I know that a 400g Asda mac n cheese actually contains 432 calories, which would be 21.5 syns by the 20 calorie rule. If I look it up on the SW web site though, I can see it's really only 17 syns, because SW have taken off some syns because the pasta in it is free. This is why many people prefer to cook themselves, it so easy to make the same thing yourself with fewer or no syns at all (check the recipes sections on here, they're full of great meals that are low in syns). Or to shop smarter - if I had to go for a shop-bought ready meal I wouldn't waste all those syns on buying the mac and cheese, I'd go for (say) a Tesco ham hock n potato gratin, which is 5.5 syns for the whole thing, or a can of Sainsburys Beef ravioli which is completely syn free!
  6. jlidgy

    jlidgy Member

    That's really helpful thankyou! Have my melas planned for today so as long as I stick to it I should be fine :) x

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