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  1. AllyLL

    AllyLL Full Member

    I hope you don't mind me posting over here. I am currently on Lighterlife but am thinking about mocing to Weightwatchers. I have done weightwatchers before and find it great in lots of ways but I had so much to lose that I wanted to lose the initial lump quickly.

    Has anyone else moved from a VLCD to weightwatchers? Did you do route ro managment first? If I have weightwatchers points allocation would I lose weight (after Lighterlife)? What kind of weekly losses do people have?
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  3. Emma85

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    Hi Ally

    I was on the CD and found it really difficult, whereas with WW i feel it is so much easier cos you can eat! the only thing is, with you being on LL you'll be on like 500 cals or something...going to WW will be more cals so your body may have a shock to the food intake. Today was my 1st weigh in at WW, i have been on the kick start programme (for my weight i was allowed 22 pts) and iv lost 3lbs, which i feel was quite good.

    When i came off CD and started eating 'normally' again, the weight shot back on and more.......if you come off LL gradually and introduce food more and more it might be better for your body - in my opinion, other people might have their own feeling on this.

    Hope you come to a decision soon petal x x x x x x
  4. AllyLL

    AllyLL Full Member

    Thanks Emma - it looks like route to management (reintroduction of food over 12 weeks) might be the way to go and then Weightwatchers.
  5. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    I think theres been several people who have just made the change direct from a VLCD to WW and havent gained anything, in fact I think Gemma managed to lose something like 8lbs on her first week.

    I cant think of anyone whos done the 12 week management then moved over, I think most people have only had very small gains, if at all..
  6. LucyLong

    LucyLong Banned

    Hi Ally, have you considered W8? It's a VCLD with food so offers the fast weight loss, whilst providing "add a meal" options - there's now also a spagetti bolognaise meal that's a bit more substantial than the soups/shakes... Good luck with whatever you choose, but feel free to contact me offline if you want to know more. All the best, Lucy
  7. AllyLL

    AllyLL Full Member


    Wow - did people really not gain when they went from LL straight to WW. That's amazing. I am constantly obsessed by food at the moment......I have been doing LL for 12 weeks and was thinking of stopping at the 16th week.

    What's W8? I've never heard of that
  8. NikkiH

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    was weight watchers but are drifting apart, am having an affair with Lipotrim...
    Hi Ally!! - yep! some people here didnt gain at all!. I cant add much more advice than whats been given, as I dont have the experience of switching from a vlcd - just wanted to say welcome!!! xx
  9. AllyLL

    AllyLL Full Member

    Thanks Nicky. I don't know how I would cope with gaining. After I finish 16 weeks on LL I expect still to have about 2 stone to lose so hope to lose steadily. I guess is hould be possible in time for Christmas.

    As well as craving food (including lots of dreams about it!) I am scared of the loose hanging skin if I carry on LL.
  10. Emma85

    Emma85 Big Fat Loser ;-)

    Weight Watchers
    Hi Ally. I guess when you do a VLCD and the weight comes off so quick you could end up with saggy skin - just switch to WW then you wont have to dream about food anymore and you'll be able to EAT!!!!! Thats the great thing with WW - the weight comes off gradually giving your skin time to shrink as you shrink! xxxxx
  11. paula 36

    paula 36 Gold Member

    welcome lovey and good luckxx
  12. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Weight Watchers
    Even if you did put on weight it would only be a couple of lbs in your first week, you wouldnt put on loads :)
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