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like a zebra with a fat tummy!!!!!


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that is how my 4.5yr old daughter just described what i looked like in my new dress:eek: i know she didnt mean to hurt my feelings and shes only a baby and doesnt know what shes saying really but.....

it all came about tonight when i was trying on my new dress that i bought to wear to my goddaughters christening tomorrow she was in her room so i went through wearing the dress and she looked at me and said "oh no mummy you look like a zebra with a fat tummy" im totally flummoxed by this and now dont feel confident in the dress anymore:( i had to call my mum and she came over with my brother and sister in law to reassure me that i look lovely in it and not to worry myself.

this feels so stupid to be writing this about a comment from a child but one of the reasons im losing weight is for my daughters so her comment has made me actually think about how she sees me....not the zebra bit lol (that was a result on the vertical stripe on the dress) but the fat tummy bit:( and the thing is sometimes i wear something and she tells me i look beautiful in it :) so i suppose i was expecting her to tell me that and im a bit taken aback about her view on me:( i thought the dress was very flattering on me and my mum and sister had both said it was lovely on when i first tried it on and i know that they wouldnt have let me buy it if its wasnt nice on......like the 20 dresses before lol
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Oh dear :( try not to feel too bad she is only little and maybe didn't mean it the way it comes? It is hard though... I was once getting ready to go out and asked my boyfriend (now fiance!) if what I was wearing made me look fat. Everyone knows the correct answer to this. His answer?- 'well, it doesn't make you look thin' I felt great going out :rolleyes:


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Try not to took it too much to heart Jane. If your little one is anything like the other 4-5 yr olds i know then she will have a very active imagination.

I am sure you look beautiful im your dress as your mum and sister both agree and i am sure they'd be very honest with you. xx
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At that age my daughter only thought I looked beautiful if I was wearing bright pink or something shiny, anything else was treated with a look of disdain - but then, she believed that we should all aspire to dress like Barbie!

Kids have a funny way of looking at the world, especially when they are young. I'd trust your Mum if I was you.

I hope you have a lovely time at the christening.
Children dont see things the same as we do, they dont prejudge so dont be to upset by her comment, bless her.

but look at the positive anyway, you doing something about your weight and every day is a day closer to been how you want to be.

bet you look fab in your dress, have a lovely day at christening
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My granddaughter aged around 3 was watching me put on my (subtle, I thought) makeup before we went out and said "That's a nice tiger face, Nanny" (She had been to her first face painting event the week before). I'm looking at your current weight and guessing that you look as much like a zebra with a fat tummy as I did a tiger.


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hope the christening went well and that you did wear the dress which probably looked nothing like how your DD described you.

My cousin the other day said 'I can really tell you have lost weight now, you no longer look like dawn french' - she didn't mean 'size' wise, but I didn't realise that she had seen me and associated me with Dawn French.


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don't take your daughter's word literally and seriously, was your dress black and white? that's probably where that came from!


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I hope that wore the dress and that you felt great in it - I'm sure that your mum and sister had a better idea of whether the dress looked good on you than your daughter - at that age as other have said they have some odd ideas!


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thanks everyone for your kind comments i went to bed straight after posting last night and was at the christening today so this is me just getting round to replying. i wore the dress even after being told again in the morning lol.

the reason she was thinking zebra was because my dress had black and gray vertical stripes on it so in her world that was a perfectly reasonable statement to make lol

if i could work out how to upload a photo to here i would so you could all see me and confirm or deny the rumour lol xx


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Kids eh???

When we were away my son said to me 'mam that dress is pretty but your legs are very wobbly and your tummy is a bit fat' - I nearly died on the spot lol!!!

However, kids are innocent and unfortuanlty say it as they see it!! Try not to take it to heart which I know is easier said than done. My sons comment has made me more determined to lose weight and be a proud mummy!! xx


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My 4 yr old says to me "I want a big tummy like you mummy "
Yeah thanks buddy
and not sure why he would want a big tummy like me anyway but they all do it and it doesnt matter whether you are thin, fat , short or tall, children will always make comments
He said to my mum the other weekend , "youve got really small boobies nanny" ....so we cant really win can we ??

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