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Like to join in my pedometer challenge?

Anyone else wear a pedometer? I bought one this week and have worn it for the first time today. It is 5pm and I've walked 4600 steps and I've been really trying hard!!!!!

Bearing in mind it's meant to be good for weight-loss if you do 10,000, I don't feel I'm doing particularly well!

To boost my steps this afternoon, whilst simultaneously baking a SW cake, I have been marching on the spot in time to the radio for about an hour!

Well, I'm going to try to match today's final count for the rest of this week, and if that is successful, increase that daily number by 500 steps next week.

Anyone care to join me in my pedometer challenge?
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I would love to but don't have one. I will look out for one this week and then let you know.

My sister is coming over next week and I know she will bring one from the U.K. for me if I don't find one but yes I will do it with you.
Welcome to the challenge, Sue. I must say it's very motivating wearing a pedometer. I've already smashed yesterday's number and it's only lunch-time!

Anyone else care to join us?
I'd like to join. I wear a pedometer all the time. I've clocked up 3287 steps so far today - hoping to get up to at least 8000 by midnight (that's when the pedometer resets itself).
Wow, that is a lot !!!
I surpassed yesterday and managed 8206 steps.

Aiming for 8500 today.
I'd like to join. I wear a pedometer all the time. I've clocked up 3287 steps so far today - hoping to get up to at least 8000 by midnight (that's when the pedometer resets itself).
Go for it, Mixed Spice! I managed to clock up just over 10,000 yesterday. And this evening I've just got back from a long walk and I've reached over 11,000! I've totally exceeded any goals that I set myself, but it's all good!
I managed to clock-up 10,043 steps yesterday. Loving this challenge.
I was dancing whilst cooking dinner last night and I also went to Morrisons - this helped to increase my steps.

My weigh-in is tonight and I was thinking about walking there and back, but the weather as horrible, I'm having second thoughts.
Well done, Mixed Spice. That is impressive. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling so motivated just to keep moving! It doesn't matter if it's doing the supermarket shop, parking further away from wherever it is I'm going, doing extra chores around the house, or going for a long walk. It's all extra steps!

Having said that, I'm absolutely shattered this evening and can't see myself clocking up more than 8,000 today.

How far is your walk to weigh-in? I must admit walking in the rain is not so appealing!
The distance from home to class is just over 2 miles. I decided to drive as I had to transport the dish I had prepared for taster night. I ate so much of the mince pie hi-fi bars last night, I felt sick! Bad news: only 6596 steps yesterday (meetings at work and class = sitting down). Good news: lost 2.5lbs.
Weekends should be easier for me to clock up more steps as I take the dog for longer walks then.

I bought a pair of wellies last month (with Westies printed all over them), but they only came part way up my calves and were baggy around the ankles, I tried them on again last night, and they now fit perfectly (no more Nora Batty impersonation)! I massage my legs with toning oil every morning, so it must be working!

I think I'll aim for a weekly total of 56,000 steps (as I'm working towards my silver award) rather than a daily total, as on some days I'll do more walking than others. My week would be from Monday to Sunday.

Tomorrow should be a good day as I have meetings at other sites. As I can't drive to these meetings, I'll have to take public transport and this involves quite a bit walking to and fro from bus stops to the offices.
Good news on the 2.5 pounds loss. Do you think all the walking is making a difference?

Well I managed to drag myself off the sofa last night and watched 'The Apprentice' whilst marching on the spot! So I reached my 10,000 again. Don't think I will manage it today, but I went swimming this morning, so it all balances out. Plus I'm off to the cinema tonight and I'd look a bit silly if I started marching on the spot!!
I should have my pedometer this weekend.
Yesterday only clocked up a paltry 6,406 steps (that also included 15 mins of Just Dance). Thank goodness we're in for good weather at the weekend as I have a lot of walking to do to achieve my goal of 56,000 steps by midnight Sunday!
My pedometer is currently reading 10,481 - yay! With the exception of yesterday (went swimming instead), I've managed to reach 10k steps every day this week.

In addition to the exercise, I'm trying out a 'fishy week', having been inspired by posts on minimins. So I'm hoping to actually lose a pound or so this week! Fingers crossed...
Friday 7,424 steps
Saturday 11,754 steps
Sunday 7,088 steps

My total for last week was 57,517 steps.
I was aiming for 56,000, but I think I'll stick to this amount until I achieve my silver award.

I've done 3,167 so far today.
can i join too please? :) i have a watch which is also a pedometer but not sure how acurate it actually is. I cant drive so tend to walk quite a bit cheaper than buses! I will report back tomorrow night if i remember to put it on! x

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