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Lipo to SW


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Hi all, I am using Lipo to bring me back to a number I reached on slimming world late last year. However I went stupid and wrecked all my good work. Rejoined SW but have found it tough going trying to lose just to make it back to where I was before I really 'lose' again! It's all in my head but I figure if I can use lipo to get there then I know the beauty of how SW works and I can relax and stay to plan and lose steadily.

My qs is...I'm now only 2lb off my magic number so realistically if I start back SW after WI on Fri what can I expect?
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Ps..thanks for all your help...ive been stalking these boards :)


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God I'm so tempted tonight to have something...anything!!!
I was the same, got to my lowest on sw 2 yrs ago afta 2 hard years then blew it, although marriage split didnt help. Lipo has helped me get back to that weight and although Im not goin back to sw I still follow the simple principles of the 'free' foods and the cooking from scratch etc. Finish what you started hun x
Amo I think that you will have to do the refers week before switching as it slowly introduces carbs, if you go straight to sw your likely to gain


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God it's crazy now to think I struggled to stick to SW plan! If lipo has done one thing for me it's make me realise how great SW plan is.

It's funny I'm not craving any kind of rubbish just a proper homecooked 'free' meal. Defo given me a better appreciation of real food.

I haven't caved...and I won't until I get the 2lbs off and finish this week.
I think that too why would I choose to eat foods that make me fat when a delishous salad would be prefect right now. The longer you go on no food the more you think about eating the right things would be easy in comparisment

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