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I was talking to some friends and they are telling me to not do Lipotrim diet. They are saying that a lot of people have tried and failed it ( thats their problem as Im sticking to it) also you gain double the weight you lose (haha) but their biggest point is that when you lose weight on Lipotrim it ages you and makes your skin dry and saggy as your not getting nutrition....

I myself have looked at the shakes and they have loads of vitamins in and also drinking lots of water is good for your skin surely.

I think maybe they just dont want me losing weight... LOL
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ppppft.....pants....this is my 3rd time doing it....and yes you will put weight back on if you go back to being a piggy (like me!) but that would be the same as on any other diet.....I love lipotrim and these people are talking through their bumcheeks!!! I do find it funny when you start this diet, everyone you know just happens knows someone who has done it and put on 30st after they have stopped....but strangely they have never mentioned them before!....oooohhhhh reant over.....silly people.....and besides i look about 12 now lol xx
everyone looks different when they lose weight and clearly losing weight will change ur face, a fat face can look younger because its plump and thats a sign of youth but you'll live longer slim and be sexy x
Lipotrim allows you to loose weight quicker than conventional diets so your skin has to re-adjust to weight loss, this cant happen overnight ,light toning up exercises will help, its like when people say or you've lost enough weight now you starting to look ill, when your fitter than you've ever been in your life...
OMG these people make me so mad... we get all our nutrients... we drink all that water!!! Which is great for your skin...Ok its quick and prob not ideal for most but this is the only thing that has ever worked for me!!!

Its makes me laugh..... Because don't know about you girls but being obese makes me look really young!!!!! NOT!!!!

There is a lot of jealousy and old wives tales out there. B*llo*ks to the lot of them ! . If I lose my 5 stone and I look like a 2000 year old Mummy from Egypt I wont give a toss. Neither should you!

Everytime you get on the scales and see a loss, raise one hand in the air, open a clenched fist , raise the middle finger .. point in the direction of the friend, family member, work associate, arseole who is trying to rain on your parade.
Deezer, love your smart answer!! I was a bit afraid of the old wives' tales, but I have to say I can't stop peeking in the mirror at my newly emerging cheek bones! I was always being told I was very like Meryl Streep (in her youth now y'hear!!) until I gained all the blubber. So, with the help of a good daily moisturiser and some facials etc. as mini-goal treats, I reckon I'll look at least 5 years YOUNGER at goal!

x S
I don't know about you, but I find that the people that come up with this rubbish are the ones that are secretly frightened that their "fat friend" will succeed and make them look bad! Beware of the saboters! Ignore them, I for one am paranoid about wrinkles, but with the amount of water we drink, not to mention the health benefits, I just plaster on the serums & moisturisers!! People will be too busy noticing how good you look to notice a couple more wrinkles!!
Hey Shivie you have just inspired me to book a facial after my weigh in tomorrow! I was wondering how to reward my little smug (100%) self and that is the perfect answer!! I love this forum xx
Load of crap looking aged and bad ... Ignore cause the other option is what having a beautiful double chin or wobble arse!

I agree utterly jealous people who are afraid you will be prettier or more handsome than them!

Plus even if it was true I'd wear saggy aged skin with pride if it means I don't end up looking plump n youthful in an oversized coffin! Extreme but being over weigh and losing it is not just about vanity your health is a risk more when over weight!

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Hey Shivie you have just inspired me to book a facial after my weigh in tomorrow! I was wondering how to reward my little smug (100%) self and that is the perfect answer!! I love this forum xx
Good for you Izzysmum! You deserve every deliciously relaxing moment of it! I haven't booked my first one yet but now I will too! We'll be glowing! :character00238::character00238:

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Yay just booked it! There's a fab spa in my town called the River Spa and my best mate brought me there for a birthday facial....such a treat! So now it's time to treat myself....gosh €80...bit extravagant I know but hey...I've been known to spent that much and more in a week pigging out!!

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