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Life is not a Rehersal!
Hi Everyone
done my first week!!!!! But, I dont know how much I have lost - 9lb or 11lb.
Can someone help me! Just need a third/fourth/fifth opinion.
My weight in kilo is 86.4; the pharmacist converted this to 13st 8lb, so a loss of 9lbs. Which is brilliant really!
But, I have converted myself...86.4x2.2/14 and get 13.577. I have also gone online and used two conversion companies and they have come with the same 13.6! Which means 11lb lose!
Can someone just check I am doing it correctly.
I have sent an email to Lipotrim to ask them because if their convesion charts are wrong, then for people that dont convert themselves, they could be weighing heavier!

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i make it 13.6 aswell


Life is not a Rehersal!
Thanks JustforMe!!! WAW...I'm not going mad and very happy at the weight loss.
This program really works and it isnt as bad as I thought!!!

Still struggling with Avatar and Ticker :)!!
avatar...you cant get one till you have 50 posts...do word game sin chit chat to build them up

for a ticker, just click on someone else's then you get an option to create your own which you can post into your signiture under user cp

and heres the conversion chart i used...

Weight Converter
Sorry to bear the news! But it will be 13st 8lb.

86.4 * 2.2 = 190

190/14 = 13.57

The .57 is .57 of a stone. 0.5 of a stone is 7lb + .0.07 rounded up will be 8lb.

So your weight will be 13st 8lb.


Life is not a Rehersal!
Thanks JustForMe! I have tried the Ticker with no success but I am always trying it in work and something comes up so it stops me!
yes, that is one of the websites I used as well.
I think we are correct and Lipotrim Chart is wrong, which I am pleased about :)
Thanks again.
i just went off the conversion chart on the website...ill try some others aswell


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Hiya. I make if 13st 6lb too. Congrats on your weight loss.


Life is not a Rehersal!
Dear All
Thank you so much for your responses!
I have the official email from Lipotrim and 0.57 is a fraction of a stone and therefore my weight is 13 8 as shown on their charts! So 9lb loss! Still happy with that though.
Thanks again
Bloody metric!!!!......:grumble: I never used to know how much I actually lost in real money...LOL!!...until I got back to work and used an online conversion chart!!

Well done, anyway, first week under your belt.....I treated myself to a fab leather bag from T.K.Maxx as a reward for completing week 1....haven't stopped buying since!!!!
Sorry to have been the bearer of bad news! It just shows though that some of these online converters are rubbish. They shouldn't be allowed to exist!


Positivity is the key
Hi scotsmist,
congratulations on your weight loss, 9lb is a great result after a week. I can't do the metric thing at all. I try to do so in the car with the kids, but I still talk in miles most of the time. Just wanted to say welcome and well done again.


Life is not a Rehersal!
Thanks for the link Elle-Emm...I will certainly use this again.

Day 8 now :)
WAW, I am still amazed at myself and my self control!!

Again, thanks to everyone for your help and support and encouragement.


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