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Lipotrim newbie..whats the pros and cons?

Well today is my first day of lipotrim.. the strawberry milkshake was awful, but just had the chicken soup and found that surprisingly nice :bliss:
Ive read mixed reviews ( the good outweights the bad!) so whats everyones reviews? Bit confused as the pharmacist told me id get lovely skin and hair..and read somewhere il lose my hair :cry:
My starting weight is 16stone 5lb:break_diet:So got a long way to go... but cant wait to get back into a size 12 again...been pregnant for 2 years practically! 2 lovely children who have wrecked my body! haha! :family2:
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Determined to succeed ...
:welcome2: Sammy...

Just wanted to wish you lots of luck on your weight loss journey - I'm sure you'll be terrific!

I'm a relative 'newbie' here [tomorrow is my 2nd weigh in] and amazingly I've managed to be 100% TFR [total food replacment] to date.

I note you're not keen on the shake you tried. I too struggled with them, but discovered that if I wisked them with cold water from the fridge in the liqidizer, and them blitz them again with a few ice cubes, they're a bit more bearable. Also not stuggling so much this second week so hopefully, you'll experience the same. Like you, I anticipate being on the diet for at least a couple of months so we'll have to find ways to make it work for us.

Congratulations on your two young babes - they are so lovely at that age.

Take great care of yourself and those little ones !

Ted x. :innocent0002:
its doesnt help when i did the big asda shop yesterday so my fridge is buldging with food arghhh haha!! :D ive stuck a fat picture on the fridge tho n its putting me off!:eatdrink051:
its gonna be hard... but my hatred for my fat body is alot stronger then my love for food!!


Determined to succeed ...
LOL ...

Thats what families do to you!

I have a cartoon of a cow stuffing her face on mine !!!

I also have a very pretty dress hanging on the outside of my wardrobe [of the smaller size variety you understand !!!]

haha.. i have a mini denim skirt from when 4 years ago.. it doesnt even go past my thighs nw but ive kept it because im determined to get back into it :wee:
I also cannot wait to throw out all my massive knickers and buy nice ones! haha! :banana dancer:
Hi Sammy

the pros out number the cons alot!!!!

I find my skin goes all nice!! yes a bit of hair loss - but it comes back nice and thick!

It saves me so much money on food!!! were I was buying a sandwich and a bag of crisps for lunch costing nearly £5.00!! I sometimes even had a yogurt at £1.85 too!!! so nearly £7.00 on just my lunch - and now I'm spending £1.70 ish!! so saving me a huge amount that I can put towards nice new clothes!! woohoo!!

another pro for me is not having to think "oohh what can I have for dinner"!! its already decided for me!! and no slaving over a cooker!! a quick blast in the blender and voila done!! hehe!!

so if you can forget about that horrid fridge with all those horrid foods inside - I bet you will do fantastically!!!

I can tell you're going to have a fab weight loss!!!

That mini dress is dying to get back onto your body!!!

think thin and you can do it

jane x
Yeh it seems expensive when u say £36 a week, but actually my food shopping bill is cut by half (i was the chocolate monster in the house haha) .. My goal is just getting to 6 weeks with 100% TFR ... I'll look after my food intake and my body will take care of the extra lb's :character00116:
Its my daughters christening n the 25th September so ive gt that to slim for aswell :party0011:
Did any of u guys gain weight when u came of the lipotrim ?
I managed to maintain for a whole year!! then went through a divorcee and put it all back on!! so back at the start again now!! never mind!! I've done it before - i can do it again!!!

Oh you've sooo got to stick to it for the Christening!!! Imagine looking back in a couple of years at the photos and thinking - wow I looked fantastic!!! or looking back and thinking - damn those chocolate bars!!! Which would you rather be saying???? hehe!!

were all here for support!!

My aim is a weekend cruise in September with my new boyfriend and his sons!! so I have the Karen Millen super sexy dress at the ready - so need lipotrim to fit into it!! I'm not having his ex-wife looking at the photos and thinking "oh my god look what he's with"!! its not going to happen!!! hehe!!!

think thin - keep the water flowing!!!

jane xx


Silver Member
you are all lucky it costs 65 euro a week here i started off at 16 stone 2 years ago im back to 13 now having regained 2 stone but i am determined to suceed again i wish ye all luck:)

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