Lipotrim sickness

S: 91.17kg C: 84.37kg G: 63.5kg BMI: 30 Loss: 6.8kg(7.46%)
Hello I started lipotrim yesterday and after every shake I felt extremely sick I only managed to stomach two shakes the smell and tastes reminds me of baby sick 😳 this morning I had my first shake of the day and it came straight back up should I just give up or is there some way I can keep going 😭
Hi Sarah, don’t give up! I did LT 7 years ago and had fantastic results. List over 5st. But I slowly put it back on over the years as, I went back to my old ways, hence I restarted last week and so far lost 10lb. I don’t like the vanilla flavour, so stick to the strawberry and chocolate. I’ve never tried the soup or flap jacks so can’t comment. The key I think is drink plenty of water, this help with the feeling sick. If you can get through the first few days you will starting feeling the difference in yourself, Hold in there! You can do it! 💪💪