LIPOTRIM V SOCIAL LIFE! The one thing thats gettin me down!


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Hi Everyone. This is my second time that I am doing Lipotrim. The first time was a few months ago and I lost 1 stone. Since then I put half a stone back on and now Im back to LT. The main problem I am having is socialising. I dont see my friends because we always meet to go out for a meal or something! I dont see my fiance because Im terrified of the whole bad breath thing as well as the fact that I will feel like cheating. At work Im a recluse now because I dont have a break with everyone coz I hate people asking me why I dont eat anything. Its driving me up the wall to be honest and its so depressing because I cannot be normal. To be honest I have had a lot of stick from the people I work with (all health professionals) they just keep telling me that I am being stupid etc etc and its not gonna work and i just dont want to do the hard work and just lose it properly!. Obviously I dont listen to what they are saying but deep down it does make me feel like an alien and I more or less hide and have my shake because I have had enough of people asking me questions and telling me that its not gonna work. Yeah it makes me determined to prove them wrong but at the end of the day Im human, and it hurts and its horrible not being able to be normal. :cry:

For a while now this place has been my life line and my only bit of social interaction :s does that make me a really sad person?

Am I the only person feeling like this?
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Sweet Cheeks

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Hi, hun soo sorry your feeling this way i think u need to sit down and talk with ya fiance about how ur feeling as u shouldnt distance yaself from him try gettin the listerine fresh breath strips and maybe he will be able to support u

Try to stay positive with the diet, as u know it really does work if u put the hard work in and when all ur work mates are having a go at you just think how slim you are going to become and you can say to them 'see i told u the diet does work' :)

Ive not been on this forum for long but since joining ive found alot of words of encouragement keep us updated hun

Keep ya chin up :hug99:


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awww thank you sweet cheeks. I guess I can handle the work situation but I honestly considered leaving work and just doing LT for a while but obviously with the wedding coming up I need to save my pennies. My other half is an absolutely amazing person and he truly has always loves me inside and out. He's very supportive even though he has said that he does not approve of the diet etc he supports me because he knows how badly I want to do it.

But honestly if I see him I will feel like cheating, so its best not to... and i would like to surprise him too I guess.

I will definitely get the listerine strips (if i can bloody find them! how come nowhere has them!)

Ive had enough of being the fat friend.. all my friends are really slim and i hate shopping when im out with them, coz there arent many places that do my size... theres a whole lot of other things that makes me so determined to carry on. But it makes me so emotional!... i cant have the best of both worlds tho!

I guess the up-side is that once I lose my weight I have a fantastic wedding coming up and lots of special days leading up to it... i'll make up for lost time then :)

thanx for ur post xx


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hiya hun sorry to hear you feel all alone is there no one who understands why your doing this diet, I understand what you mean about feeling a social leper, when i started i used to go to the pub and drink soda water now I just cant do it sick of the questions why arent you drinking I even asked my hubby did i really drink that much also it makes you realise how much your socialising revolves around food and drink
Anyway more positevely you know this diet works so for a short period of time 14wks focus on th diet the results will be amazing as you say you have a wedding coming up and no your not sad for logging on here where all in the same boat just a shame we dont live closer to each other then we could meet and go out for a shake and a pint (water of course) sounds like your just having a down day
keep focused think of the results its all worth it

big hugs


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HI! Its very hard hun, you have to change your life so much for a while!! For instance, its my hubby's B'day today, i've been around nice food all day, but its been easier than my daughters do last week! My head's in a better place tbh.
I cooked waffles for the kids this morning. Bacon, eggs on crumpets for hubby. Then i had a lovely B'day cake for him this afternoon. For tea i did spag bol with pecan sponge pudding for dessert!! So very un-healthy, but a nice treat for them!! Luckily they're all slim.
My advice is;don't shy away from food or you'll have no life, i look at it that i really want to get into my size 16's in the new yr, more than i want those foody things, plus, my god, if i wasn't following a vlcd, i'd be putting on over the next mth!!
You'll have to be strong now, food is everywhere for the next few weeks!!
Good luck, Simone xx


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Sorry to hear you are feeling so low. One thing I find useful for the ketosis breath is to find a non-alcoholic mouthwash and pour some into a little spray bottle. (superdrug do them for less than a pound). I then use it as a breath freshener throughout the day and it works a treat.

Don't listen to those who put you down, a lot of it will be jealousy on their part, that you are motivated to do something to improve your well being.

Focus on the wedding and remember, everyone on here is in the same boat, and we're all here to help.:)


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Personally I dont listen to them. If they have as much as me to lose then ok feel free to have an opinion but if they are thin then dont even dare (especially if I havent eaten lol).
This diet really does require either the uptmost focus so that you can socialise whilst only drinking water (I have managed this twice lol) or a lack of social life until you are done.
IF this is the diet for you then you really have to get your head round this & its not an easy diet but as you know the results are fantastic & unlike any calorie controlled programme most peopel are looking at weeks or months to get to target rather than YEARS.
I cant preach cos I have fallen off this donkey quite a bit lately but I refuse to put the weight back on & am climbing straight back on each time thats why I am still here & lurking daily.

I wish you all teh luck with it hun & just trey to focus on teh results & the positives of LT cos they really do outweigh the few weeks with no social life.

Oh & as for fiance sod the bad breath he is going to get a thinner hotty at the end of alll this :)

Good luck hun


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awww thank you so much girls. its so nice to have this support. fragglerock - yeah it would have been great if we could all meet up! one thing i dont like about the lipotrim is that i dont know anyone who is on it.. never mind that i dont know anyone who has ever heard of it. Unfortunately my friends although they are absolutely wonderful would not understand this... all i ever hear is the word EXTREME! for goodness sake i weigh 10stones more than I should and to be thats extreme....
sorry your right i am having a seriously off day!.. lol...
i dont really get much support from the pharmacy where i get my lipotrim from, when i went the very first time the lady at the pharmacy didnt even know what I was talking about! at that moment i just thought "shows how successful this thing is" but I still went for it coz I had read so much about it from here. Since then all the pharmacy people ever do is just give me my shakes weigh me , write it on a card and just give me more shakes. they dont even ask how it went, if im feeling okay or anything... (this is both times that i have done lipo) unfortunately i have to go there as there is no other pharmacy near me that does it!....

Nicki - thanx for the mouthwash idea. my sis thinks i am just being paranoid about it... lol. but what the heck - i'd rather have a smelly mouth for a while just so that i can have a hot body. and at the end on the big day when everyone sees the new me nothing else will matter! :)
I really appreciate everyones posts. it has made me feel so great just reading what you've all said and I know the next time i feel down i will definitely be reading through these messages again. xxxx

Simone - you are superwoman for everything you have been able to do! I think it must be so much harder for people with commitments like yours. especially when your in charge of cooking the meals etc! You have done brilliantly - your will power sure is rock solid and I hope I can be like that too!...
everyone really is working so hard to reach their goals! KEEP IT UP!! xxxx
p.s. I have dreamt about subway every single night since I started lipotrim and I walk past it every day on the way to work and back! I think Im amazing for being able to do that! A few weeks back I would be sat there gorging myself with food!....

i guess thats the problem- i can deal with the food... cant deal with people grrr...


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my god - ive just looked at everyones weight loss.... you lot are brilliant!!!! look at how much weight you have lost!!!!!.... you must be sooooo sooo proud of yourselves!! thats sheer hard work... even though other people would think that not eating is not hard work (idiots) this is probably the hardest thing I have ever done and I be its the same for everyone else... WELL DONE!!


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you can totally get your head around not eating in social situations, and being with the bloke. You just have to perciver(sp?) My problem is not when people are about but when im alone!! I try to be around people who know im on the diet that way i am too shamed to eat in front of them lol

You can totally get your social butterly wings in gear and enjoy the party season


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refresh - i like the way you think. Im feeling alot better about it today. we have a work do coming up for one of the girls who is leaving and i just told her in front of everyone that I am on a great diet and I dont want to ruin it for 1 lunch. And she was like "oh ok" she was quite surprised really but I shouldnt hide! Im doing my body a huge favour and I shouldnt be an idiot about it !

thanx for your advice everyone x


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hey everyone....
week 2 weigh in... 4lbs... i kinda feel like its the end of the world but i guess its not coz if I hadnt been doing LT i probably wouldnt have even lost a lb! I should be grateful!...
sorry im just in a lousy mood. for some reason my ass of an ex called me today after many months of not talking and told me that the reason things didnt work out was because im fat!.... he didnt think about the fact that we broke up and now im happy and getting married to the man of my dreams because he was such an a**h**le! But now i just feel so determined to carry on with all of this just to show him what he's missing out on!... grrrrrrr.
how is everyone else? sorry for just having a big moan xxx